Friday 19 April 2019

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette | Review

Hello everyone!
I just love eyeshadow palettes and for me the more bright, vibrant and sparkly the palette the more likely I am to buy it. I was hunting for a new eyeshadow palette a couple of months back so I looked round Beauty Bay and decided to try a brand I have never tried before BH Cosmetics. Their Zodiac palettes stuck out for me as I just love Zodiac-themed products. I had a choice to make as they are 2 Zodiac palettes I had to make a choice, which was hard... trust me.  I decided to go for the love signs palette as I preferred the more vibrant palette of the 2 ( I am sure I will get the other at some point)

The BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette cost me £22 from Beauty Bay. The palette has 24 eyeshadows and one highlighter.  Inside the Zodiac palette they a spetrum of sun kissed and cool shades which are a variation of baked creamy matte shades, lovely shimmery shades and a good size luminous baked highlighter in the centre. 
BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette | Review
The packaging is huge and I wasn't expecting it to be this big! Most eyeshadow palettes I have owned have been at least half the size of this palette, not saying the size is a bad thing .. just unexpected LOL. The eyeshadows themselves are set into a beautiful zodiac themed design and the palette also has a decent size mirror so it could be very travel-friendly if need be. The eyeshadows have 2 shades for each month while the centre holds a generously sized highlighter which for me looks like the moon sat their perfectly in the centre.

The palette feels the good quality for the price even though it does feel like a thick/hard cardboard but it does feel sturdy. I love the design of the palette, its what made me purchase it in the first place.

The baked matte eyeshadows in the palette are super creamy and as soon as you touch them you get a burst of vivid colour! A little bit goes a long way with them that's for sure. They also apply so easily onto the eyelids without any irritation, they almost feel like a delicate eyeshadow cream.
Now the shimmers, on the other hand, are an explosion of shimmer and sparkle. I have never seen such quality shimmer in a palette of this price, its brilliant. Now the shimmers take a little more work to get vibrant on the eyes but using a concealer or primer helps them pop to their full potential.

Guide of what's inside the Zodiac Love Signs Palette

Aries – Rose gold shimmer, hot pink matte. 
Taurus – Metallic rose, brown matte. 
Gemini – Fuchsia shimmer, rosy brown matte. 
Cancer – Metallic yellow gold, mustard matte. 
Leo – Copper shimmer, soft orange matte. 
Virgo – Metallic peach, coral matte. 
Libra – Mauve shimmer, dusty lilac matte. 
Scorpio – Metallic pink, pale pink matte. 
Sagittarius – Dark purple shimmer, eggplant brown matte. 
Capricorn – Metallic aquamarine, turquoise matte. 
Aquarius – Metallic teal, dusty teal matte. 
Pisces – Golden bronze shimmer, rich tan matte. 
Golden highlighter.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette | Review
BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette | Review
I love the variations of looks you can create with this palette, I have created so many different looks with this palette over the past few months. I have to say this palette is definatly up there with one of my favourite palettes as I love the combination of the baked mattes and shimmers.

Now the eyeshadow month duos do go beautifully together but it's so versatile trying with other months too. My favourites to go together in the palette has to be the matte Aquarius, matte Gemini and the shimmer Cancer...they go beautifully together for me. I tried this palette on my mum for a glamour day and she just loves it as she hasn't worn makeup in ages and she loved the choices and she even said it reminds her of the time she wore more vibrant makeup in her 20s which was back in the 1980s when she also had big hair with a perm, so it was nice for her to revisit that.

Below is a youtube video of me swatching the palette and also creating a quick makeup look with it also, click the play button below to see more.

My thoughts
Its the first time I have tried BH Cosmetics and I have to say my love of the brand is super high now! I just adore the fact that this was a random purchase and it turned out to be one of my most used eyeshadow palettes of the year so far. The eyeshadows are very vivid, pigmented and super long lasting! Applying them is so simple too so you don't have to worry about reapplying throughout the day or not getting much product on the lids, this delivers pretty much the first time.

The highlighter in the palette is a lovely golden shimmer and works wonderfully as stand-alone product highlighter or also used as an eyeshadow. I like using it on my inner eyes to make my eye more bright, works wonders for me every time.

I would definatly buy more BH Cosmetics products now that I know how wonderful and versatile this palette is. I am tempted to try more of their eyeshadow palettes and their brushes too.

Have you tried BH Cosmetics before?

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  2. OMG! This is really nice. Very timely since I am planning to get a new palette. Will check this one out and hopefully its available here in the Philippines.

  3. This palette is pretty and new to me. My younger daughter is now on makeup and I might get it for her. Thanks for your review.

  4. Oh my gosh! That package is huge! And love that it contains almost every type of shade: from the bolds to the neutrals! That was a good one you got!

  5. Nice article,love the blend of colours, it is a supper cool product.

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  7. What a kickbutt theme for a beauty product. I thought Gemini would be more of a green palette.

  8. this looks so unique and beautiful, and i love the color on my zodiac sign - seems perfect...