Monday 27 May 2019

First Impression of Essential Oils | Blended Valley | Competition

Now we all know essential oils aren't a new thing, in fact, the first mention of them being used was way back in the 12th century by an Al-Andalusian Physician, chemist and pharmacist Ibn Al-Baitar.  Ever since then they have been used by many cultures around the world that are even continuing right into the present day. 

Essential oils have many helpful and amazing uses including one of my personal favourites Aromatherapy!  Now you may be wondering what the heck is Armotherphy so I will give a quick low down on what it is. It is a form of alternative medicine to help induce relaxation. Now with today's busy lifestyles, relaxation isn't always easy to reach but aromatherapy is a simple way to relax easier and enjoy the time we have to ourselves, we all deserve that right?

Blended Valley has an amazing selection of essential oils to choose from; some for sleep, relaxing and even energy. I chose Attraction & Love because I love fragrances that have the combination of rose and lemon because they are a nice twist. I love having nice fragrances in the background because they can uplift my mood for many things include reading, relaxing or spending time watching a movie. 
Blended Valley has premium essential oils that are made in the UK. They are of high quality and they keep their quality as they are in a UV resistant bottle. They have so many uses but they can be therapeutic as well as being good for meditation.

I must say I am not an expert on essential oils so I had to do a little homework on how to use this Love and Attraction oil. You simply follow the instructions on the box and use it with an aromatherapy diffuser, oil burner or vaporiser. I personally used an oil burner that I found for under a fiver at my local Asda store. I used a few drops on the burner and blooming heck the air was filled with the fresh smell of roses and lemon, it's just relaxing and mood uplifting.

Did you know you know that these oils can be used on charms, jewellery or talismans! How fab is that?

So this oil has been used so many times now by myself and I just love how uplifting the smell is. It is a new experience rather than the fragrances of just candles, candles are pretty dull in comparison. I am looking forward to trying more essential oils in the future that's for sure.

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GIVEAWAY 🌸 (Gifted) I have never tried essential oils before for aromatherapy before. I have been no stranger to tea tree or lavender oils as I like to use them every now and again but these are very new to me. @blendedvalley sent me this lovely essential oil called Love & Attraction and its a gorgeous blend of rose and lemon. I use it with my oil burner and the smell is so relaxing. Giveaway: One essential oil from Blended valley (£15), no gift sets. Just like this post, comment below and follow me and @blendedvalley on Instagram. Good luck. Giveaway ends 2nd June 2019 at midnight. UK entries only. This giveaway is not associated with Instagram What skincare products are your must haves? #win #giveaway #crueltyfreebeauty #bbloggers #beautycommunity #30plusblogs #followme #discoverunder10k #bbloggersuk #scottishbloggers #beauty #beautygram #beautyblogger #thatsdarling #beautyjunkie #ukblogger #glasgowblogger #growgorgeous #bloggersuk #makeupobsessed #flashesofdelight #instabeauty #beautybloggeruk #ukbeautyblogger #flatlay #instabeautyblogger #aromatherapy #essentialoils #blendedvalley

How much are these essential oils? Prices start at just £15

How will I know which oil to choose? The best thing to do is look through the oils and see which is best for you. They also have a free ebook on their site to find out more.

Where can I find out more?

Have you used essential oils before?

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  1. Kristine Nicole Alessandra27 May 2019 at 09:43

    I have used essential oils but I pick the same two kinds everytime - lavender and coconut. I will have to check out other essential oils soon.

  2. It looks like you already have smelled a lot of fragrances. Can they work on humidifiers though?

  3. This oil sounds so lovely, I bet your house smells amazing! x


  4. I use essential oils for my skin...when doing my skincare routine or bathing on a spa day and I love it! They add such richness to the skin. I'm sure yours is as awesome!

  5. Thanks for the info! I love the fragrance of lavender and eucalyptus. Using essential oils in a diffuser, in addition to beauty treatments, are great.

  6. I have read a lot about essential oils. They seem to be helpful. I already added them to my shopping list.

  7. "Attraction and love" sounds very attractive :) I adore essential oils like sweet orange or tea tree, or oriental mixes... I also use oils for skin care — they are so great beauty products!

  8. I just started with EOs and is very keen in trying as much as I could. We're still at the exploring the different brands. Will definitely check this out. Thank you for sharing.

  9. I have heard so much about essential oils but haven't really got to try them! I love the smell of Apricots so would love to try this one!