Wednesday 22 May 2019

Moonpig Fathers Day Event 2019 | Edinburgh

My goodness, I totally forgot the last time I went to a blog event. Its been a couple of years at least because I've been so busy and being a mum, it's not always easy getting babysitters etc. Moonpig contacted me last month about this event which happened last weekend and I knew I had to go because I just love the brand and I have used their website to buy cards and gifts many times before. 

I was able to go to the event thanks to my children's uncle whom looked after them for the day while Me and my otherhalf went to Edinburgh for the Moonpig Father's Day event.
The drive to Edinburgh from Glasgow was so relaxing as the sun was shining and the roads were remarkably clear for a Saturday morning...weird. Once we arrived in Edinburgh we parked near the centre ( damn parking is expensive LOL) so we could enjoy the sites before we go to the event. 
Once we arrived at the Contini Cannonball Resturant and Bar, we were greeted by the very friendly Moonpig team and also the staff at the restaurant who were alos friendly and gave us a complimentary bubbly prosecco which was divine! Once everyone had arrived for the event the presentation began which was based on the relationship changes between father and child and how this has increased over the past 100 years. Once the heartwarming presentation ended the fun began as we were split into two groups to do three fun-filled activities!

First up, card making!! 🗃
The first activity we did was making our own cards which is more fun than it sounds! We had to choose a setting in which you wanted your photo to appear such as being on a cover on a magazine, wanted poster or even in a fancy flash car.  My partner was typical alpha male and chose to be on the cover of an Iron man magazine.  He got his photo taken professionally and he really was in his element with this. The other bloggers and the Moonpig team thought it was brilliant LOL!  We then chose which type of card to upload the photo on and proceeded to checkout, all expenses paid(thank you Moonpig), all in time for fathers day. 
Then it was lunch timmmmme!! 🍞🍸
The tables were laid out beautifully and my goodness the food looked spectacular! The food was in a buffet style and the choices on the table were just heavenly that I didn't know what to choose first because my taste buds were tingling at the sheer amount of everything on the table LOL! I tried a bit of everything because most things I had never tried before. The experience definetaly opened up my perseption of different foods. My favourite out of the selection had to be the cheeseboard, my goodness the selection of cheese and crackers was divine and as you saw from the picture above I tried a bit of each cheese, yum!  

The drink on the table was a cucumber and elderflower refresher and wow, it was like the taste of summer in a glass. Refreshing, cooling and i really want to make it myself at home. 
Then it was time for the next activity... COCKTAIL MAKING! 🍹
The gin masterclass was held by Michael from the wonderful 'Edinburgh Gin'! I have never made any kind of cocktail ever and the most I have done is put some coke in my gin, nothing special LOL! This class was on another level though. We got taught how to make 2 different cocktails, everything we needed was provided for us all to make with our dads/plus 1. I definetaly had some James Bond vibes going on shaking the cocktail shaker with the ice, it was brilliant and I had no idea making cocktails were so technical but we all made some wonderful cocktails. The first drink we made was the rhubarb and ginger high ball, this was my favourite of the 2 drinks that we made. ThePerthshiree negroni we made looked amazing but DAMN that stuff was way too powerful and strong for me.

Next up was the food masterclass... 🧀🐚

The first we did was something I have never done before and that was oyster shucking ( I have never tried oysters either) The masterclass was held by Andy from Contini Cannonball Resturant. Oyster shucking is something I have never done so I skipped this one but I did try an oyster, it tasted like the sea which was quite refreshing.

I needed a loo for the next bit but he taught how to cook slice and cook scallops in lemon juice. When  I came back he taught us all how to make a cheeseboard with a variety of different cheeses, fruit and nuts to give all the cheeses a different taste rather than having just a  cheese taste in your mouth. The variety of all 3 gives your taste buds more flavours to work with.

After that amazing class it was time to go home, Noooo! we got a hamper to take home which was very generous of Moonpig. Everyone had a lovely time and it was one of my favourite events I have attended so far, but not the last!
Want to plan out your fathers day card and gift? Check out Moonpigs website in which they offer an amazing selection of fathers day cards and amazing choices of Father's Day Gifts too! Cards can be customised and they have a fab selection gifts including hampers, food and grooming gifts.

Photos by myself and some by Elouise,check her site and instagram and Instagram: @egphotographer

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  1. Looks like a really lovely event

    Mel ★

  2. This sounds like such a fab event! I was invited to the Mother's Day event with Moonpig back in March but sadly couldn't go. I've never tried an oyster either! But I love seafood so I'd definitely be willing to try them.


  3. Kristine Nicole Alessandra27 May 2019 at 22:59

    I still have time to plan for this event. I know my husband would love it, but I have to make sure he does not have any other plans for the day. I love oysters! When I was a little girl, my grandfather would put them on the grill and when they open up, they're done! No shucking needed.

  4. There are lots of drinking in there lol! What a fathers day event you guys had

  5. Geraline Batarra28 May 2019 at 14:55

    Sound like a fabulous event. Men would really love this. The oysters got me craving.. ��

  6. I'm glad you're back to writing because this blog post is so interesting! I love reading about life and events in other countries!

  7. I like this event organization. Everything is so smoothly organized step by step activities.A day spent in here must be a memorable , learning and fun event.

  8. I like the food masterclass and the shortbread basket lol. What a fun day that must have been. I love events like that.

  9. I was invited to a mothers day event but I choose not to go since I was a bit sick. Looking at this event, I wish i could make an effort to visit. Looks like a great event to attend.

  10. The event looks great! The snacks so tempting, I could have some right now, hehe. I am sure you had fun

  11. What a lovely experience. The event is packed full of interesting activities.