Friday 17 May 2019

Get Glowing Gorgeous! PIXI Glow Collection

Skincare over the past couple of years has become much more important to me. My skin needs all the attention it can get as I am starting to get fine lines as well as my skin having some discolouration and dryness. I have changed up my skincare routine a lot over the past few months and included SPF products into the mix too. I kindly got sent the Pixi Glow Collection to try and my goodness I was so excited to give it a try. 

The Pixi Glow Collection is inspired by their holy grail product which I am sure we all know and that's the original glow tonic. They are 5 products in the range and they are perfect for use in a routine in the morning or evening. 
The Glow Collection 

Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel 
This moisturises, exfoliates with glycolic acid and also contains aloe vera which soothes the skin. Simply use of wet skin and use about a coin size amount and in circular motions apply to the skin, I like to use this with the PMD Clean as it gives a deeper cleanse. You wash it off with warm water. I like using cleansers while in the shower as for me it saves time. 

Glow Tonic
Prices from £5
This contains 5% glycolic acid which exfoliates the skin, Ginseng which energizes and also aloe vera which helps to soothe the skin. You drench a cotton round with the tonic and apply across the face and neck. Its the first time I have tried this product and OMG I am in love!

Glow Tonic Serum 
Like the above, it contains glycolic acid, aloe vera and ginseng. You massage 2-3 drops onto freshly cleansed skin and toned skin before you apply moisturiser. Since this is a serum I like to use these every other day as they are a skin treat. 

pHenomenal Gel 
Now I must have wrestling on the brain because the first thing I thought of opening this was the phenomenal AJ Style LOL! This contains horse chestnut which hydrates and smoothes the skin. it also has like the others aloe vera that soothes and also citric acid which balances and brightens. You use this after cleansing and toning the skin or after serum depending on the day or if you use a serum or not. 

I have to say I love the design of this and it's a first I've seen of such a thing. On-the-Glow contains vitamin D2 which protects and brightens, ginseng which energizes and like the main core of this collection it contains the hero of these prodcuts- Gylcolic acid. This product has so many uses that i will have to give this prodcuts its own blog post. 
I have used these products for the past couple of weeks and I have to say I am so impressed with PIXI skincare range. I knew their Glow Tonic was popular and has been hyped about by so many bloggers and beauty enthusiasts alike. I have to say it works wonders on my skin as its perfect at energizes my tired skin, exfoliating for the perfect base for my moisturiser and also so soothing which is a lovely bonus. My skin feels so much more hydrated now and I have to say the routine of these products has definatly improved my overall complexion. I will be posting more about these in upcoming posts and will also be updating this one in the near future. 
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Where can I buy the Pixi Glow Collection?
You can etiehr buy them online over on the pixi website or find them in selected marks and spencer stores. For more stocklists and to see the Pixi Glow Collection check out the PIXI website here

How much are they?
Prices start at £5 for these. I have listed above the price of each product.

Have you tried PIXI Skincare products before?

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  1. I am always looking to check a new skin care routine. Definitely going to look into this.

  2. I have never tried the Pixi range. Nice to know it worked for you. Will give it a try for sure.

  3. This looks like a complete step by step package. I am interested in trying all of them. I have stored the website to buy them later end of month.

  4. My mum has the tonic and loves it. I'm gonna have to try Pixi after I finish my current brand cos there have been rave reviews about them.

  5. I’ve never heard of this brand, but your in-depth review made me interested. Seems like an affordable option for quality skincare.

  6. They look like a great group of skin care products. I am sure my daughter would be interested. I will have to see if I can find it locally.

  7. I would love to try these since this is the first time I heard about Pixi. They seem to be great for skin.

  8. Seems to me like a great product. Would definitely love to check it out. My skin is something I don't love so this could make a difference.

  9. Nothing will ever beat glow tonic for me its such an amazing product i use it all the time! <3

    Andrew James -

  10. I love Pixi! Though I haven't tried their glow collection, I am planning to get the set as soon as I finish my current ones. Will check the Marks and Spencer store near my place. I usually buy it online since I haven't found it in-store.

  11. I have not heard of this brand. Looking for new skin care though so may have to check these out xx

  12. Sounds interesting, the product seem nice and I think is a must try for my mum I trust she will love and it will Go well for her skin.

  13. It seems to be a great product..I would love to try this for sure, since I have a very sensitive skin.Haunting for a beauty product that will work for me is like a norm.Thank you for sharing.

  14. I've heard good things about Pixi from other bloggers, but haven't tried them yet. They sound like a great addition to any skin routine.