Monday 3 June 2019

Healthier Snacking with Roughs

Healthier Snacking with Roughs
I have started to exercise more and think more about what I eat. I could easily before end up eating way more than I thought because of snacking on too many not so healthy snacks. I am a huge fan of snacking so changing up that routine to more wholesome AND delicious choices has been a journey in itself. Saying all that it is been fun finding healthier alternatives and also trying new foods that I probably wouldn't of before. 

Satisfied Snacks kindly sent me 3 cans of their salad crisps called 'Roughs' to try out. Now you may be wondering why on earth are these in cans... well wonder no more. They put their salad crisps in cans because they have put their foot down and said no to plastics and used cans instead which are widely and infinitely recycled. 

They have 5 delicious flavours to choose from, all of which are under 100 calories. Each can have at least 1 serving of vegetables, which is great at contributing to your 5 a day. They are also made out of 100% natural ingredients, no nasties. 
Healthier Snacking with Roughs
 'Roughs' Flavours 

  • Red Pepper & Walnut (70 Calories) Vegan-Friendly - Made with red pepper, walnuts and other vegetables with some cumin and subtle seasoning. This has a lovely peppery taste and I love to dip this in tomato soup, yum!
  • Tomato and Feta  (75 Calories)  - Simply made with Tomato and feta with a sprinkle of basil, red onion and light seasoning. This was my favourite out of the bunch. 
  • Beetroot and Goats Cheese (97 Calories) - Made with more than 50% beetroot and complimented with goats cheese and a little kick with some chilli flakes. This was the stronger tasting of the bunch but a nice way of eating beetroot. 
  • Carrot and Kimchi (50 Calories) Vegan-Friendly  - A lovely blend of carrot, kimchi and blend of shiitake mushrooms. Really need to try this one next time as I just love carrots
  • Pea and Courgette (50 Calories) Vegan-Friendly - This one has a sweet and mild taste of pea and courgette with a counterbalanced of lemon juice. These also sound lush dont they?

Healthier Snacking with Roughs
I love the concept of eating crispy salad in a tin, its different for sure but I do like that. Everything is clearly labelled and finding all the ingredients and things like that is easy to find. They dont have many ingredients, just natural yummy ones. If you want to see the ingredients they are pretty easy to find on their website.

Each can have a generous 20g of vegetable crisps inside and it looks way more than you would think. The picture above is what they roughly look like, they can be long or short shapes. 

They are lovely and crispy which is a nice surprise. They are quite tasty with the combinations they have. They can take a little getting used to if you're not a fan of salad but I think they taste very nice, especially when paired up with something else like soups, hummus or salsa.

How much are they? They cost £5.37 for 3 tins.
Where can I find out more? Check out their website for more

Take Care
Mel x

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  1. I wish these weren't in cans but these sound really good, and I love the concept of them!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode