Tuesday 4 June 2019

May Fitness Update | 5lbs down!

healthy dessert
So last month I decided to get myself back into healthier eating habits and a fitness routine. I have many reasons for wanting to lose weight but the biggest one was my clothes were getting tighter and another reason being I had no idea how many calories I was actually eating.  I do know it was a lot because this lass loves her snacks and takeaways...yum!. I am not saying eating takeaways and snacks are wrong but with me, it was more often than not and sometimes without thinking, it was more like a habit than anything. 

I didn't actually do intense exercise last month but I did up the amount of walking I did and also added my fitness app on my phone to track my walking and also to measure the actual exercise I did at home such as cleaning.  I also rejoined the gym and have been already, can't wait to go again.

With just healthier eating and walking more I have managed to lose 5lbs which I am so happy with! I am happy I am keeping motivated.
graze light snacks
I love snacks -woohoo( who doesn't?) I decided to get inspiration on which snacks to get off muscle food and also on Graze too. I decided to get myself a few snacks off Muscle Food and also a subscription of a Graze lightbox too. 

As for walking, I like to track the number of steps a day I do with my phone! It keeps me on track. My Fitness app is brilliant for tracking my food that I eat. I rejoined the gym and I am looking forward to everything including cardio. 

Favourite foods in May
  •  Porridge - DAMN this is so versatile on what you can put in it! My favourite is strawberries.
  • Graze Chocolate Pretzel Dippers - These are just heavenly! They are dipping chocolate with pretzel dippers! They are also under 150 calories!
  • Fruits with 0% yoghurt - I love adding combinations of fruit with yoghurt. My favourites are strawberries and pineapple. 

I also had a cheat meal recently at Nandos and OMG it was just heavenly! I enjoyed every mouthful, even though every mouthful hurt because I have a gum infection at the moment...ouch! I got the hummus with pitta and also the grilled chicken pita wrap with the macho peas - delicious!

I want to keep this all up for June! I will be going to the gym more in June and I will also be looking out for challenges to do as well. I am looking forward to continuing my fitness journey. 

Take care
Melissa x 

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  1. I love the graze boxes for when trying to loose weight as they have such a variety to choose from

    Mel ★ http://www.meleaglestone.co.uk