Friday 26 July 2019

My Favourite Summer Lip Products

summer lip products
Hello everyone!
Summer is finally here, yay! Even though part of me ( probs my part vampire side) is thinking its too hot and bright LOL! Anyways might as well enjoy the lovely weather while it's here because hot and sunny days are are too far and in between arent they?

Anyways in the summer, I like to change up my skincare and makeup routine and that includes the products I use. I usually like wearing bright or nude lipsticks. And I like to prep my lips and keeping them soft and avoid at all costs of having them drying out in the hot summers sun. I have listed below products I like to use and also the favourites that I am loving at the moment. 
favourite summer lip products
Lip scrubs gently smooth and hydrate the lips, creating a smooth base for lipsticks. They also usually have a blend of oils to keep lips soft and hydrated. My favourite has to be the Lush lip scrubs, they have so many flavours to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. 

These are fab because they are perfect for lips and cheeks for when you want a sweet, healthy and flush of colour. They are simple to apply, even though they can look a bit intimating with how bright they look in the bottle. They can last up to 10 hours which is fab don't you think? I love the Lip & Cheek Jam from Trifle Cosmetics at the moment. It gives a lovely natural glow and its 99% natural. 

Sometimes its best to have a multi-purpose balm with you. Multitask balms are brilliant because not only can you use them on your lips to hydrate them but they can be used on sunburn, skin irritations and also a hair conditioning treatment. I really like Dr PawPaw original clear balm as its a handy travel size and comes in so many varieties too. 

This year I have started to use lipgloss so much more than ever before! I like to use them on top of lipsticks or even on their own. Lipgloss looks amazing in the summer sunshine as its shimmers and sparkles and I just love that. I am a huge fan of the Hank & Henry Lip Lustre Gloss as it's packed with glitter, smells amazing like mint and its also formulated with vitamin E and honeysuckle extract to keeps lips soft and hydrated. 

👇Now depending on my mood, it's a flip of which one Il wear 👇

Now they were a time when all I wore was bright and red lipsticks. Now it's usually just brights or nudes. I like to wear vibrant eye makeup and bright lips just compliments the looks I make. Even with just liner bright lipstick are one of my favourites in summer. I love Jeffree Star's liquid lipstick in Coral Fixation which is a bright orange lipstick which isn't a shade I thought I would of suited but so glad I got, I love it! 

I like wearing nude lipsticks when I just want a subtle makeup look. Funny thing is I have only started to wear nude lipsticks recently because I had a hard time finding ones I like, thankfully I have a few favourites now. I like a fair few but Model Co matte lip cream in Peachy is a favourite at the moment as its a lovely subtle nude, it smells nice and it's long-lasting. 
summer lip products
I hope you all enjoyed this post. Its been a while but I am glad to be posting more often now. I will be posting more summer content hopefully in the next upcoming few days and weeks. Any suggestions to what I should post are very welcome in the comment section below.
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What are your favourite summer lip products?
Mel x

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