Tuesday 27 August 2019

What's in my Handbag | River Island Edition

What's in my Handbag | River Island Edition

I have seen What's in my Handbag blog posts around the internet for years now! I have been blogging for over 4 years now and I have only just thought wahey lass why don't you do what's in your handbag post, even though my bag hasn't got anything particular fun inside. 

I currently have 2 handbags; one is from New Look and the other one is my River Island handbag which is usually the everyday handbag I use most days. I took a picture of what's inside my bag at the moment but I put in the list below some other things that could be in their more often than not. 
What's in my Handbag | River Island Edition
Inside my Handbag 
  • Chewing Gum - I like to have some in my bag as when I have lunch out, I like my breath to be fresh afterwards. 
  • Mobile Phone - I carry this everywhere of course LOL. I like to listen to music outside when I am walking and also for it to count the number of steps I do daily.
  • Loose Change - Whenever I get to change some manages to fall in my bag, I am so clumsy lol. 
  • Badge/s- My brother collects badges and whenever I go out I keep a lookout for them. He has nearly 20,000 badges now in his collection. 
  • Purse- Always a must for my handbag, my brother in law bought me this nightmare before Christmas purse last year and has been my go-to purse ever since
  • Endless Lipsticks- When I apply a lipstick in the morning I tend to throw it in my handbag so I can reapply later. 
  • Sanitary Towels - My periods are unpredictable so I like to be ready, so I always carry at least 4 pads in a mini bag in my handbag. 
  • Padlock- I don't really use this much now but this is for my gym locker while I'm at the gym.
  • Tissues- Colds, tears or whatever you never know when you need a hanky.
  • Keys- Hopefully, forget these LOL! I need these to get back into my flat.
  • Hand Sanitizer - These are so handy when out and about! Perfect for getting rid of unwanted bacteria. 
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