Friday 6 September 2019

a day out to the Riverside Museum | Glasgow

Riverside Museum| Glasgow
We have lived in Glasgow for over 4 years and since then we have seen so many amazing places in Scotland. I have to say not only is Scotland rich in history but it also has lots of things to do and places to visit too. One of my favourites places to visit has to be the award-winning Riverside Museum (transport museum) which has over 3000 objects including cars, motorbikes and even a train. We went to a couple of weeks ago with my mum when she came to visit in the summer holidays.

The museum has a generous amount of parking places available and they cost under about £3.20 for 2-hour stay at the museum. The Riverside Museum is free of charge but it's suggested you make a donation of £5 per person in donation boxes dotted around the museum.

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Riverside Museum | Glasgow
Riverside Museum | Glasgow
The museum design itself is very modern and quite cool! You can't miss the building it stands out next to the River Clyde. On the walk to the museum, they are 2 little coffee trailers outside which also sell food. Walking inside you are offered a leaflet with the layout of all the places inside including where to find the toilets, cafe and attractions. I have to mention that it is very wheelchair friendly, all the areas are wheelchair accessible inside the museum, including having lifts were they need to be and also accessible toilets. The tall ship has certain areas that are unacessible though but many are  as they have lifts on the tall ship too.

Choosing where to go is pretty fun because it's bursting to the seams with marvellous objects that literally makes you want to see everything. My mum has not been to this museum before like we have, so she wanted to take photos of absolutely everything she possibly could as she is a huge fan of history ( yep i get it off my mamma!)

One thing I might add is that it can get quite busy in here so its best to be patient and take your time because lots of people want to see parts of the museum which sometimes arent exactly huge, so patience is a must here as with anything in life right?
We had a good laugh walking around seeing how much the price differences are now from 100 years ago ( it cost £2 to go to Canda!) You could get brand new cars for under £1000. It's amazing to see how times have changed not only money-wise but how much things have changed since then.

Just at the back of the riverside museum, you will see The Tall Ship which is docked for you to climb aboard and look around. The ship is one of only 5 Clyde built sailing ships left, it was built 1896. One quick fact about this amazing ship is that it's circumferenced the world 15 times without incident, how wondrous is that?

Going onto the Glenlee is free ( donations welcome though) and once I got on it, I was surprised how big the ship is, its blooming huge! They are 4 levels on the ship which are the weather deck, tween deck, lower deck and cargo hold. They are even a cafe on board and lots of things to do for kids such as crafts and also a play area which my kids just loved last time they went. 

We saw everything we wanted while here including the old subway, trams and all the old cars and after all that walking we were pretty hungry but the queue to the cafe was really long so we decided to call it a day and go to the gift shop then leave to go out to Shawlands for some lunch. My mum saw quite a few badges in the gift shop which is at the front of the museum near the exit/entrance( my brother collects badges and has  nearly 20,000 now)

I have been to the Riverside Museum countless times now and every time I go I always find something exciting, never been bored yet haha. If you want to know more about Glasgow's history or love transport then this is an amazing place to visit.
Pointhouse Place, Glasgow, G3 8RS

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