Sunday 8 September 2019

Glossybox September 2019 | Review | Delicious Beauty

Glossybox September 2019 | Review | Delicious Beauty
Glossybox has just launched their September box, woohoo! Last month they had the 'Birthday Edition' with amazing brands inside and a sparkly box to match the theme of the month( just in time for my birthday yay!) This month their theme sounds amazing and its called ' Delicious Beauty' inspired by beauty products that smell good enough to eat. 

Sometimes Glossybox has boxes that are themed which is quite a nice change but this month is their classic pink box design which looks just as fabulous and you notice the branding simply by looking at it. 

** This post has spoilers, so if you don't want to know what's in the box please don't read on**

Glossybox September 2019 | Review | Delicious Beauty
Glossybox September 2019 | Review | Delicious Beauty
Inside September's  Glossybox 

Banana Setting Powder
The only baking I did until recently was occasionally making cupcakes but recently I started using setting powders and they are a game-changer for me, especially when applying eyeshadow. 

This is a mineral-based banana powder and you simply set it for 5 minutes then that's concealer concealed, just like that!
Full-Size (RRP £15)

Coconut Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack 
Deep conditioners are great treats for dry, damaged and colour treated hair, they can add much-needed hydration. This one has raw and natural ingredients together with keratin and silk proteins to help nourish the hair.

Since my hair has been dyed so many times I know il be using this in the very near future.
Full-Size (RRP £2.49)

Colgate Max White 
Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste 
Now I have seen toothpaste and I have seen charcoal toothpaste but not really together in one product ( charcoal toothpaste need to be used with a fluoride toothpaste to clean teeth). This has activated charcoal and mineral micro-particles to gently remove surface stains.

I have used Colgate products for many years so I am excited to see if this toothpaste works well for me or not. 
Full-Size RRP £4

(Unboxing video of this months box)
Hand Gel
You could receive 1 of 2 hand gels. One is strawberry laces and the over being love hearts. I got the Swizzel's Love Hearts scent. I do think it smells nice but I don't see any info of it getting rid of bacteria so will use this with my original. 
Full-Size RRP £1.55

Mitchell and Peach
 Flora No.1 Fine Edition Eau de Parfum
This perfume is a blend of delicate notes of rose, ylang-ylang, peony and lavender. I think the sample size of this is very generous considering the box has everything else full-size. 

I love that this is hand-blended and filled with essential oils but for me, I prefer less floral perfumes but I will definitely use this from time to time. 
Deluxe-Mini RRP £29.75

Delhicious Body 
Original Black Tea Body Scrub
I have heard of coffee body exfoliators but not tea so this is totally new for me. This is 100% natural and is filled with antioxidants and essential oils. The caffeinated scrub buffs away dry skin cells and quenches thirsty skin. 
Now it may be tea but it has a lovely orange and almond scent which sounds delightful doesn't it?
Full-Size RRP £7.95

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What are your thoughts on the Delicious Beauty Edition of Glossybox?
Mel x

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  1. The love hearts scented carex is honestly one of my favourites! It's so lovely. The Colgate looks amazing too x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌟

  2. I do enjoy seeing what the contents of each glossy box is, I used to get it as well but stopped as it didn't seem worth it but it looks like their boxes are getting better again! I love the palmer's range, their stretch mark cream is my favourite. I've never tried a tea body scrub before but it does sound interesting.

    Jordanne ||