Saturday 21 September 2019

My Summer Skincare Favourites

It's now nearing the end of September and we are now enjoying the last few days of the Summer ( not that we had many days which we could actually call *Summer* LOL, its been raining and cloudy most of the time) I would say my understanding and knowledge of skincare products and a routine has definatly improved over 2019. During the summer I have tried a variety of different products and some I loved and some not so much but this post is about the ultimate favourites that I loved using during this summer. 

I have definatly learnt a lot over the past few months what works well for my skin and also products that don't. My skin is combination skin but occasionally my skin can get dry in parts or doesn't like the particular product/s, its all just a balancing the right products for me. 

My Summer Skincare Favourites 

(RRP £18)
I just love this cleanser, it smells fresh with orange flower water! It has antioxidants and vitamin c with ferulic acid and probiotics which in turn preserve and protect the skin. I love this has a pump action top which makes it quite easy to get the right amount each time. Unlike most cleansers, this one doesn't need to be washed off which is a bit of a time saver or perfect for when your too tired (which is me most nights haha)

(RRP £4.99)
This eye cream is infused with vitamin c with Kakadu plum extract, Goji berry extract & Caffeine. It has a rollerball top which is brilliant and simple to apply the eye cream. I apply this after serum and its so cooling and relaxing on the skin. 

(RRP £45)
Described to be used every day just before your moisturiser, for me personally I think it's rather heavy to use that often and I tend to use this every other day just before bed. This is for a glowing complexion and you would use this after cleansing and toning.

Pixi Glow Tonic 100ml *gifted*
(from £5) 
This is an exfoliating toner that is formulated with 5% glycolic acid. Out of all the toners, I have tried this one has to be my ultimate favourite and I can easily see why it got a cult following. It also has ginseng which energizes the skin and aloe vera which calms the skin. One thing il mention is 100ml isn't enough I need a huge bottle of this stuff, it's great!
(RRP £9.90)
The main active ingredient in this is pomegranate ( as the name suggests) and its aim is to nourish the skin. You apply this at night time as a hydrating overnight treatment from thirsty dull skin. I love the smell of this as its more fresh smelling rather than over the top fragranced. Another thing I love about is that it absorbs into the skin easily and doesn't feel heavy like many sleeping masks do. 

(RRP £6.99)
My old favourite was the original Garnier micellar water but since trying this I would say they are on par of being brilliant products. This is efficient yet gentle at cleansing and removing all makeup including liquid matter lipsticks and waterproof makeup. It removes makeup effortlessly and doesn't need to be rinsed off afterwards. This is formulated with oils and micelles which capture impurities like a magnet and lifts dirt away from the skin while the oil instantly dissolves all types of makeup, espeically matte lipsticks which cna be a right pain to remove. 

(RRP £35)
I have to save one of the first things I love about this moisturiser is the fact it has a pump-action applicator, so no need squeezing bottles and trying to find last amounts by cutting open the packaging to salvage any remanding product. This is vacuumed so you get every last drop. This moisturiser offers a perfect level of hydration for younger skin, it's rich in antioxidants and contains an anti-pollution system too which makes me a bit happier since I live in Glasgow. It has vitamins A,C and E aswell as Omega 9 fatty acids which help keep skin hydrated an soft. It aslo has panthenol which is a form of vitamin B which soothes irrated skin and plumps fine lines. 

(RRP £36)
This is a handy little product as its an award winning multi-tasker; its moistuirer with added SPF which protects skin against damaging UV rays. You can use this a alone or after doing your skincare routine in the morning and its unisex. Its also great as a base for makeup. I love it because its smooth to apply and melts into the skin quickly and doesnt feel greasy at all. The key ingrients in this are Vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant that provids photo protection, shea butter whcich nourishes skin and protects from free radicals. it also has sunflower which is packed with vitamins and minerals. Just a quick reminder though that this primer does last all day its best to apply an SPF ever few hours. 

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What have your summer skincare favourites been?
Mel x
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  1. That's a fair amount of products, have you been using them all this summer? Seems expensive to be a woman

  2. What a selection! I also have combination skin that goes both oily and dry depending on my cycle (love being a woman!) and I've been meaning to try the Pixi products but I don't even know where to start! Would the products you tried work better for oily or dry skin?

    Abi |