Wednesday 8 April 2020

Urban Decay Wired Pressed Pigment Palette | Review

Hello everyone!

This month started off quite nicely with the spring weather and has ended on a different note with whats going on in the world with COVID 19. It's not easy times at the moment but I am going to keep posting on my blog as it makes me happy and more content. Stay safe everyone.

Urban Decay has been one of my favourite brands for many years! The main reason I started to buy the brand was their products were so different from what was on the market at that time. Fast forward to now I still love the brand and their products are always on my wishlist when they come out. When 'Wired' came out I just had to have it as I love bright colours.
urban decay pressed pigment palette
I have a fair few eyeshadow palettes in my collection but quite a fair few of them are more neutral and I thought 'Wired' would fit nicely in my collection as it's bright and vibrant. Another thing that brought my attention to this palette was the design and how the word wired sticks out in 3D.

When it comes to the brand Urban Decay I have tried a good selection of products over the years. I have tried many of their eyeshadow palettes, foundation and occasionally their eyeliners too. Overt the years the brand has changed a fair bit as when I remember it when I was a teen its was more vibrant and stood out from other products in-store but over the past 5-10 years, they have had more neutral products. Now they have a good selection of brights and neutrals which I am very happy about. 
Urban Decay Wired Pressed Pigment Palette | Review
Urban Decay Wired Pressed Pigment Palette is a stunning palette in which you can create so electric looking makeup looks. It has 10 rich velvety smooth pigments which have a striking colour payoff. It has a selection of both silky mattes and sparkly shimmers. 

Inside the 'Wired' Palette

Glitch (Matte pure white)
Chaos (Matte cobalt blue)
Shock (Matte violet)
Gravity (Metallic deep purple)
Savage (Matte fuchsia)

Fluorescent (Matte aqua)
Current (Metallic emerald)
Jolt (Matte chartreuse)
Switch (Matte orange)
Slowburn (Matte red-orange)

6 of the shades are for the face, body and eye are but 4 of the shades are only suitable for face and body. Kinda sad they aren't all suitable for all the eye area. 
Urban Decay Wired Pressed Pigment Palette swatches
They swatched rather nicely and I didn't use any primer or setting spray or anything like that; just straight out the palette. For a more intense look spray your eyeshadow brush with setting spray.

The palette has a retail price of £39. At first glance it sounds like a fair price but since 4 of the shades aren't suitable for the eye area its made me rethink a little bit. Since the shades are all bright it's hard to think of a use for bright shades that aren't the eye area. 

The application was pretty impressive and you don't need to keep putting your eyeshadow brush in the pan for more product, a little bit goes a long way. Another thing I love about them is that the pigments blend so effortlessly together, even the shimmers and the mattes. 

Taking the pigments off is simple enough too! Which I was super surprised at as usually most bright eyeshadows can stain for a while but these don't which is a plus for me. I used micellar water or Pixi beauty hydrating milky makeup remover to take off my makeup 

  • 10 bright shades to choose from including shimmers and mattes.
  • Easy to blend together or with other eyeshadow palettes
  • Travel friendly as it has a handy mirror inside
  • Perfect for brighter makeup looks
  • The packaging is very durable and feels sturdy
  • Long-lasting, even more so with urban decay all nighter setting spray
  • Cruelty-free

  • Can't use all the shades on the eye area
  • A little on the expensive side at £39 for 10 eyeshadows
Urban Decay Wired Pressed Pigment Palette | Review
I really like this eyeshadow even though I won't be using the face and body pigments much (I would probably use them for more themed looks). I do think the price is a bit on the expensive side but it's well made and sturdy.

I have created a few looks already on my Instagram already and I am impressed with how well the pigments blend with each other. My favourite pigments in the palette are 'Chaos' and ' ' they work so well together. 

What do you think of the Urban Decay 'Wired' Pressed Pigment Palette? 

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  1. These colors look so good! I’d never be able to wear these though! I don’t go out enough or have any clothes to match! But the colors are so pretty none the less!

  2. I LOVE urban decay too (I get mine from Ulta) but I agree, it's a bit expensive. So i haven't bought any paletttes but do have a collection I self-made of my favorites! I would love to have more if they would only ever go on sale!

  3. I think it's cool that you can use these shades everywhere, it's a shame that some aren't suitable for the eye though! These are some really pretty colours - I think I wouldn't be brave enough for something so bold though! Great review xxx


  4. The colours are so vibrant and bold, a bit too bold for me but I know so many people who will love this!

    Love, Amie ❤

    The Curvaceous Vegan

  5. I love Urban Decay! They are literally the only eye shadow palette brand I wear usually. Although, I don’t have this one yet! I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing it!