Saturday 29 August 2020

XX Revolution - Haul & First Impressions

XX Revolution - First Impressions
Makeup Revolution has been a drugstore beauty brand staple of mine and I am sure others for a few years now. They have a few brands under their brand already include Revolution Pro, Skincare and Makeup Obsession. XX Revolution is a new sub-brand that a good selection of makeup and skincare to choose from, I chose a random selection of things I needed.  

Now I first noticed XX Revolution advertised on the Makeup Revolution Instagram page and the first thing I noticed was the packaging and I knew I had to try it out for myself. XX Revolution is based on the new decade and the evolution of skincare and makeup. 

XX Revolution -  Haul & First Impressions
What I Bought

Bronzer Powder (RRP £10)
They are 10 skin true shades to choose from and they come in a creamy matte finish. They are great for adding more warmth to any skin tone and are buildable. I bought 'Command' which is a matte cool brown. I have used this a few times and I can say a little bit sure goes a long way. 

Quick Fixx Translucent Setting Powder (RRP £10)
A simple as can be setting powder! Suitable for all skin tones. This sets makeup easily with the powder applicator. It has a delicate scent to it. I do recommend keeping it upright or powder can leak out the sides of the compact. 
XXcess Blush Powder (RRP £8)
They are a massive selection of 16 blushers to choose from os they are a choice for every skin tone. They don't have the same finish either as some are shimmer and some are matte finish. I bought 'Entice' which is a matte peach. 

XX Revolution -  Haul & First Impressions

Second Skin CompleXXion Primer Cream (RRP £15) 
I don't usually use a primer, I am usually a moisturiser and SPF kinda person but I thought why not give this a whirl to see if I like it. I love the packaging for this, it looks and feels very luxurious. The primer itself reminds me of Benefits pore primer. 

XXFine Micro Pencil (RRP £7) 
They is 10 shades to choose from which is quite good! I chose blonde as my hair was a bleached blonde at the time plus I wear blonde wigs from time to time and it went very well. The pencil is wonderful at creating an at-home look like microblading brows.

XX Revolution -  Haul & First Impressions

I really like XXRevolution so far. Everything I have tried so far has worked out really well for me and for the price range I think they fair really good too. 

Have you tried XXRevolution; if so what are your thoughts on it? 
Until next time 
Mel x

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  1. I would even buy if for the packaging, so cute! I’m excited to try some of it out!

  2. I was really tempted when I saw this in the store, but ended up not purchasing any, not sure why!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  3. These look like some great products for me to try! Thanks for sharing!