Saturday 15 August 2020

Triyit - The Perfect Picnic Campaign Box

Hello everyone! 

Triyit is a product discovery club in which you try new products for free. Its a UK based company and it's similar to the Influenster box. All you need to do is go on their website and fill out a personal profile of things you like, diet and things like that. They will contact you if you are successful in a campaign. No need for more forms to fill after the first just an email to confirm you want a box and also to see if you address is correct. 

I have had a few of the Triyit boxes now (not all but ones i am matched with) This boxes theme is 'The Perfect Picnic' and the products inside are full-sized products that are perfect to take on a picnic. 

Let's see whats in the box, shall we?
Instead of the usual one box, I was sent two boxes and a box of dry cat food. The reason for the two boxes is one of the boxes had fresh baguettes which obviously they didn't want to be squashed with the other products. 

Inside the package, they were 7 full-size product. All apparently suitable for a picnic ( apart from the cat food though LOL) 

Let's see what's inside...

Swizzels PUDS Bag 150g (RRP £1)
These chew bars are inspired by British desserts such as apple pie & custard. They have natural flavours and are all individually wrapped so they are great for sharing. Not only are they great for sharing they are all vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

I personally am not a huge fan of these as I find them far too chewy and for me plus the flavours aren't for me. My son enjoys them though. I think they are great for the price of £1 as you have so many in the packet. Each bar is 64 calories. 

Rating: 5/10

La Boulangere Mini Brioche Baugettes (RRP £1.30)
If you love brioche bread then you are just going to love these mini brioche baguettes! These are slightly sweet so I was unsure to have anything savoury in them but damn I was wrong they are just delicious. They work so well with Quorn ham or cheese and pickle, YUM! 

They are crafted by french bakers and are vegetarian friendly. Each baguette is 288 calories. 

Rating: 10/10

Harringtons Complete Dry Cat Food Chicken 425g (RRP £1.59) 
 My cat knew they were cat food in the package as soon as I opened it! The dry food is made with fresh chicken, enriched with taurine for vision and heart health. It also has omegas 3 and 6 for glossy fur. Vitamin E to help with the immune system and chicory root for digestion

My cat loves this food! He has had it before this. I think we will stick to this food for him. 

Salem rates it 10/10
Triyit - The Perfect Picnic Campaign Box
All Shook Up Pink Grapefruit & Lavender White Wine Spritz 250ml (RRP £1.60)
A simple way to have a mixed drink without the fuss of mixing drinks! All shook up have a nice selection of premixed alcohol drinks. This one is a white wine spritzer with soda water with natural grapefruit and lavender flavour. 

I really like this drink as it was balanced and not over the top with flavour. Not sure on the calories as yet. I am not sure if I would get again but might try the other flavours. 

Purdeys Edge Natural Energy 330ml (RRP £ ) 
Now I have to say my favourite drinks tend to be energy drinks such as monster and Lucozade. I have heard of many natural energy drinks but I've never been fans of them enough to stop my usual shopping habits. This drink is very nice as it made with fruit juices which make it taste very nice. I love the fact it has plenty of vitamins in this. 

I would try it again for sure whenever i need an energy drink. It has 28 calories per 100ml. 

Jack Links Original Beef Bar (RRP £2 for a pack of 3)
These are 100% beef and a perfect snack for when you are feeling peckish. They are high in protein and gluten-free. I am vegetarian so my partner ate this and he enjoyed it.

They have 65 calories per bar.

Mikes Hard Seltzer Black Cherry (RRP £2.00) 
This is alcoholic sparkling water with a hint of flavour. They are vegan friendly and come in three flavours; Black cherry, Lemon and lime. I think they are a great thing and taste lovely too. They are low in sugar have 100 calories too for anyone watching the calories like me. 

I really love the picnic theme of this campaigns Tryit box. The weather matched it well so you could take these on a picnic. All the things in the box were great. I love trying new things so this box is great.

What are your thought on the Triyit box/
Until next time Mel x

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  1. Ooh there are some wonderful products in this box, I know my husband would love lots of these!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. I haven't tried the Mikes Hard Seltzers before but I love the Black Cherry Flavored ones in other brands. The Beef Jerky would be perfect for me as a snack at work!