Monday, 14 October 2019

10 things I love about Autumn

 I am a big fan of Autumn, so much so that I decided to do a post about it '"why not eh?".  I  will admit first I am a little bit sad summer is leaving us because I love the warm weather ( well the few days we do get here in Glasgow at least LOL) the longer days are a nice bonus too. Now that autumn is drawing ever closer and it's getting more like autumn every day (obviously Melissa LOL)  I thought it would be fun to post about the things I love about it. 

One thing for sure it has started to feel like autumn much earlier than expected, even the middle of August was a bit wet and windy in parts don't, you think? Anyways let's get onto the good things that happen in autumn and the reasons why I love it.
The dress is from Collectif. Bought it myself a couple of months ago, just got round to wearing it. 

10 things I love about Autumn
  1. HALLOWEEN 🎃- I love everything about Halloween! I relish spooky clothes & films during October. For me, I like having a scary movie night with my favourite comfy pyjamas on with a blanket enjoying some snacks, how perfect is that? Not only that I like to buy Halloween themed clothes and wear them all year round haha. 
  2. Darker nights - When the days are shorter I like to put my pyjamas on even earlier, which I just love it because it is so much cosier!
  3. Comfortable nights in - Colder and darker nights are the perfect excuse for nice cosy nights in with the candles and being comfortable under a blanket 'pst i have a blanket on right now'.
  4. Food, Food and you know... Food! - All you hear all summer long is salads this, smoothies that and bloody diet! Autumn brings more of my favourite foods that are great for warming you up. 
  5. Bonfire Night - Now I used to hate fireworks but now I love watching them! Usually, I love watching them from my flat but its quite fun to watch the events they have. 
  6. Pumpkins - I really think pumpkin is so underrated because it's so darn tasty! I do love a good pumpkin curry. Not only that they are perfect for carving for Halloween. 
  7. Cosy Clothes - I am a sucker for overside jumpers, hoodies and baggy pants! Comfy cosy clothes are my all-time fav! 
  8. Embracing the crisp cool air - I love the cool air while walking, i find it super relaxing, especially when listening to music. 
  9. New TV Shows - So many seasons have come out recently on Netflix that I love including AHS Apcolyse ( watched it, it was AMAZING!) and Preacher ( big let down kinda upset its ended now)
  10. Closer to Christmas - Now they are no denying i just love Christmas and as soon as the cold weather hits you know that Christmas is getting ever so closer! Bring on the presents, food, relaxing and spending time with family. 

What do you love about Autumn/Fall?

Until next time
Mel x
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  1. I love getting cosy if I'm honest, I love being able to curl up in my duvet with the biggest cup of tea!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  2. Halloween is one of my favourites, I love horror films and I really love darker nights x
    Kayleigh Zara ❄️✨

  3. I love lighting a fire and sitting in front of it!

  4. I totally get you. I also like Hallowee n and new TV shows.

  5. For us it is coming into Spring so we have quite a few months before our Autumn

  6. I live in the Philippines so we don't have Autumn, but it's always my favorite seasont o travel. I like travelling in Autumn because it's cold so it's a welcome change from the very temperate Southeast Asian heat, but it's not unbearable for someone who is not particularly used to it.

    And then there's the lovely Autumn colors and the opportunity to wear a nice and warm coat. Niiiiiiiiice! Perfect!

  7. I love cosy autumnal nights and soft knitwear coming back in. The colours are so pretty too! Definitely my favourite season! x


  8. I love sitting next to a fire with a great cup of coffee

  9. You look hot in those pics. Amazing stuff by the way. I will come back to read more about your articles.

  10. Autumn is so great! I love all those things and it is closer to Christmas!!

  11. I like autumn because of the colors it brings with it. I like snuggling on the couch with a cup of tea when the evenings go colder.

  12. I love drinking hot tea and cozy clothes! I love your style, from the hair to the dress!

  13. We dont have Autumn here in the Philippines but I could just imagine if we had. I love Halloween and I think it's my favorite "holiday". I also enjoy bonfire nights and of course, cosy clothes.

  14. Some peoples feel low in autumn; I think, I should share this post with them. Autumn has its own beauty and I love the fall foliage.

  15. I an with you on this! Cosy nights in, comfy food, beautiful colours, comfy clothes. Yes, yes and yes please haha. Thanks for this!

  16. I enjoy majority of those things about fall too. I love the ability to enjoy tons of comfort food. I also live that the weather cools off and it gets darker earlier. I also enjoy the holiday season.

  17. I love the orange to red falling leaves, the cod breeze and the smell of autumn.

  18. Everything you stated is exactly what the season is about. I love when the leaves turns colors it’s so calming and beautiful.