Friday 8 March 2019

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel | Review

Takes a deep breath... I didn't know if I was going to post about this cleansing gel but I would rather be honest about it to you all.

 Anyways first things first, I counted my makeup brushes the other day and I counted 42.. yep you read that correctly lol, I didn't even know I had that many (whoops). When it comes to makeup brushes I like to have a variety including brushes for foundation, eyeshadow and my favourite contouring.  Seeing as real technique brushes tend to my favourite makeup brushes out there I decided to get their branded brush cleansing gel seeing as the quality of their brushes is amazing, I thought their cleansing gel would follow suit. ( my favourites have to be the real techniques brush crush volume one collection.

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel | Review
First I have to say the initial packaging it comes in is a blooming nightmare to get into but apart from that the actual bottle itself is pretty sturdy and nicely designed with its logo and simple enough to use the shampoo like click top. The back of the bottle gives you instructions on how to use the product and you get 150ml of product for £9.

The scent of the cleansing gel is barely anything but the smell it does have is a fresh natural smell. The gel is a thick clear liquid and getting the right amount out each time is losing a battle. 

This a product that you use weekly as we all know its important wash brushes every week to keep them clean and reduce the risk of bacteria especially getting it near the eyes etc. Washing them weekly also helps keep brushes longer.

Product Features

  • Dermatologist test for gentleness
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • No Alcohol or Phthalates 
  • Quick, clean rinse
  • Tested safe for real techniques brushes.
Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel | Review
How I used 
I prepared a hand towel on the side to put my freshly cleaned brushes to reduce the amount of water and dampness in the bathroom. I also got out my trusty makeup cleaning egg which helps remove makeup out of brushes easier. Lastly not forgetting the cleansing gel and a spare 30 minutes, yep cleaning brushes can be time-consuming.

I like to wash my brushes separately too so I can make sure they are completely clean and get my full attention.
1. It says to apply the cleansing gel first but for me, it falls off as soon as I apply water so I like to wet the brush beforehand. I apply an almond amount to every brush.. so at least 40 plus almond size squeezes every time.
2. I swirl my brushes under the warm water on my cleansing egg.
3. I tap the excess water on the side of the sink before placing the washed brush on the hand towel and repeat the process with the rest of the brushes.
pin me for later?
Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel | Review
My thoughts
Where do I start with this? I really had high hopes for this brush cleanser because I love the real techniques brushes but this for me was a major flop in my opinion. Getting the right amount of product was a blooding mission in itself and you could easily get way too much accidentally.

It doesn't foam much as at all and takes a lot of elbow grease (ffs) to actually clean the brushes with this cleansing gel, you need way more than you think till the brushes are clean. Some makeup was extremely hard to remove with this including eyebrow pomades, eyeliner gel and any eyeshadow that is like a foil.

For the money, it is rather expensive for the amount you get. I have used other brush cleaners that were cheaper that worked better which is a shame for this because as I said I just love the brand in general.

Have you tried the real techniques brush cleansing gel?
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