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XO Balm

Is it me or is it starting to feel like autumn already? I am already starting to wear my autumn themed clothes like my converse, jumpers and cardigans. The coolness is surely back and one thing for sure that will be coming back if I am not careful is dry and cracked skin, especially on my hands and elbows so I am thankful to have XO Balm and I will explain why very soon!

XO Balm is a natural based skin care product aimed for stressed-out skin, it treats dry and sensitive skin with an effective combination of natural ingredients. This balm is perfect for relief of severe dry skin, roughness, cracking or irritation from dermatitis. The balm, when applied to the skin instantly, creates a barrier that hydrates and soothes and not only that its a long lasting effect. It can be used on all areas of the body, face, lips, hands, feet, nails, scalp and more; its an amazing multi-use product. 
XO Balm review
Honestly, the packaging for this XO Balm is just super adorable! It's a small but handy tin for sure as its travel-friendly. Its design is like a button and inside the tin is the balm itself with a spatula and the icing on the cake is the little mirror on the inside of the tin.

Not only is this tin cute it also reusable once you have used all of the XO Balm.

The texture of the balm is smooth and quite thick, it's almost like the same texture as vaseline in a tin but a little firmer. It takes a little bit of pressure to get the product of the tin with the spatula but the spatula does help dramatically with getting the right amount of product out each time.

They are only 4 ingredients in the XO balm and has no synthetic ingredients.

Coconut Oil - Coconut oil contains fatty acids that prevent moisture loss. Also contains vitamin E which helps protect against premature ageing and general wear and tear. It is rich in capric, caprylic and lauric acids which support keep skin healthy and clean while the proteins hair and skin reinvigorated.

Beeswax - Now we all know beeswax a great multiuse product as its protective and it has a breathable layer. It also locks in moisture while protecting skin from environmental factors. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that are fabulous at fighting chapped skin and bacteria. It contains vitamin A which has been proven to reduce age spots and wrinkles.

Olive Oil - This helps keeps moisture in the skin while helping reduce moisture loss. Polyphenols and Phytosterols deliver antioxidants an antioxidant protection while promoting the production of collagen. Oleic helps soften the skin while vitamin A and E protect from environmental factors and free radicals. It also helps with the absorption of the product on the skin.

Chia Seed Oil - Now I never knew this before but chia seed oil is one of the richest sources of botanical acids which are omega 3 and 6. These are an anti-inflammatory and a great way for keeping the skin healthy.

Cruelty-Free πŸ‡
Vegetarian-Friendly 🌱
XO Balm cruelty free
How I used it
I love this balm. I used the spatula to apply small amounts to the back of my hand then apply a thin layer to the areas to which I desire to use it. My hand get very dry and sore in the winter if I don't apply a skin care product so I tried this for a change. It applies nicely and doesn't feel greasy once applied. I have had nowhere near the amount of dry skin as I usually do thankfully since I started using this balm.

I also love to use this between my thighs as I am a curvy lady and sometimes my thighs rub together and it gets very sore if nothing is applied. I apply this before putting my pants on and it made such a difference to my thighs and I have had no problems with sores etc now.

I haven't tried it everywhere but my goodness I love how to multitask it is. I am currently using it on my feet and so far so good as its softening even my hard skin on my big toes.
XO Balm review
This XO Balm has so many benefits for your hair, skin and nails whilst also being a handy size that you can just throw in your handbag. It only contains 4 ingredients so you don't need to worry about any unnatural ingredients or anything synthetic. It has no fragrance at all which is a big plus for me as I am not keen on over the top fragranced skincare items.

I love that the brand in many ways one of them is because they have made such a useful product, another is because they support local UK businesses by locally getting their packaging, components and ingredients. Lastly, an amazing thing they do that I love ( helps because my name literally means honey bee) is they support a charity called 'Give Bees a Chance' which is a charity which helps the bee population live and grow. 

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Suitable relief for eczema, contact dermatitis and severely dry skin.

It costs £12.50 for 45ml of product and it is available here.

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*Product/s sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own*

What I Got For My Birthday 2018

Following on from my post about the 28 things I've learned in 28 years I thought it would be a fabulous idea to show you all what I got for my birthday this year since most people said yes to it in a poll I did on Instagram. I was meant to do this post last week but it totally slipped my mind seeing as I had so many other blog posts in the framework.

My 28th birthday was pretty quiet and I was meant to go out for it but the weather wasn't brilliant so I still haven't had the chance yet. So we just stayed home and had a movie day and had some yummy food and an amazing birthday cake.
What I Got For My Birthday 2018
Since it was my birthday I decided to get up a little later than normal and relax in bed until I got up at 8am. I had my pyjamas on all morning before I went and had a lovely long bath with one of my favourite lush bath bombs 'sex bomb' It has one of the most relaxing scents in the world and I didn't want to get out the bath because of how nice it was.

For breakfast, I had a McDonald's breakfast which I have never tried before. I got all the vegetarian options including the egg and cheese muffin, pancakes and hash browns. I actually now prefer having the breakfast foods here now especially the pancakes, they are delicious especially with the maple syrup poured ontop of them.
What I Got For My Birthday 2018
I had a makeup-free day since I wasn't going to go anywhere so I had a big skincare day in which I wore a face mask and relaxing with my feet up reading a book. My skin has never felt so soft since it was a nice change for sure.

We were meant to go out for food but plans got changed unfortunately but we did stay in and ordered a takeaway. Since it was my birthday I decided to get fish and chips, just love fish and chips especially when they have lots of yummy salt and finger. 

My cake was a cream cake and it had lashings of cream, chocolate buttons and triangular dark and milk chocolate. I ate a slice that was bigger than the usual slice I would go for but it was my birthday, so calories don't count then right? 
What I Got For My Birthday 2018
The Nightmare Before Christmas Wallet
I am a big fan of the nightmare before Christmas so getting this wallet was a lovely surprise of my lovely pal Zain! It fits all my cards in perfectly and I got this in time as my old purse was torn so yay.

Kat Von D 'Metal Crush' Extreme Highlighter in Gammaray
These highlighters recently came out recently and I had them on my wishlist so getting this was a lovely surprise. Love the rose gold and the packaging is just gorgeous.

Kat Von D  'Alchemist Holographic' Palette 
Another amazing highlighter to add to my collection, woohoo! I love the design of the packaging and my goodness guy.. it shimmers like the highlighters inside.

and yes another Kat Von D item... 

Kat Von D 'Shade + Light' Glimmer Eyeshadow Palette
I have wanted this palette since it first came out so I had a tear in my eye once I opened this present up. It's a beautiful collection of neutral shimmery and matte eyeshadows. 
What I Got For My Birthday 2018
I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I have written it. If you want you can follow me on social media for updates on these products and not too long I will definalty be sharing reviews on them in the future so keep a look out for them in the near future.

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Until next time

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August Beauty Favourites

Following on from my most popular post ever My July Beauty Favourites I thought why not show you all my favourites for August? August is one of my favourite months of the year for a few reasons, one of them being it's my birthday month 'woohoo' and another being its a step closer to Autumn - my favourite season of all.

This month just like last month has been a pretty busy one for me! Firstly it was my birthday then not long after that the kids went back to school after a long summer holiday, it takes ages to get back into that routine again doesn't it?

Anyways moving onto my beauty favourites.. choosing again was easy as I loved each of these products so much and most of them were used nearly everyday this past month.
august beauty favourites uk
My goodness, this was a right pain in the ass to get and when I finally got my chance to purchase it I finally realised why there is such a big hype for this! This concealer has 25 shades to choose from and has a large doe foot applicator that makes applying this a breeze. 

This can be used as a concealer, contour or to use on blemishes. I personally use it for my dark circles and this product works very well for me, now no one asks if im tired, which is a relief.

Where to buy? Revolution and Superdrug online and also Superdrug stores.
Price? £4.00

I really wish I could purchase the whole 10-year anniversary collection because it all looks stunning. I bought this as part of the make I was wearing for the family wedding I went to last month and it shocked me in a good way at how beautiful the rose gold is and also how brightening and shimmery it is, it's divine. 

I love to use this on my cheekbones, cupid's bow, eyebrow arch and pretty much wherever aha! It's so pigmented, the photos don't do it justice!

Where to buy? Debenhams online and instore
Price? £25.00
august beauty favourites
Nivea MicellAir Professional Micellar Water 
As much as I loved my Garnier Micellar I decided to switch it up a bit and try out this one to see how it works. Micellar is a must in my skincare routine so making sure I get all my makeup off including waterproof makeup is a must for me. This removes all makeup effortlessly, I basically apply some to a cotton wool pad and remove makeup gently and it comes on so easily.

This for me has the edge over the Garnier Micellar water as its lightweight on the skin and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin either. It also removes waterproof makeup so easily.

Where to buy? Superdrug online and instore
Price? £5.99

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sun Kissed
I have had this for 2 years now and as you can see by the photos, it's broken and unfortunately its time to go as its come to the end of its best before date. But before that, I had to tell you how much I have loved this bronzer. This bronzer is the first bronzer I have ever purchased and I used it for contours and for summer makeup routines.

It has gorgeous summery packaging and the bronzer is perfect for subtle makeup looks. I am tempted to repurchase this soon.

Where to buy? Urban Decay online and Debenhams stores
Price? £23
August beauty favourites
Pinky Goat 3D Silk False Lashes in Raha
2018 will be the year I will remember as the year that I finally mastered how to apply false lashes properly without poking my eyes or them coming loose halfway through the day LOL! These lashes cost double what I usually pay for lashes by my goodness they are worth every penny, they last up to 15 uses.  They are weightless while looking amazing at the same time because they are so intense and long as the name suggests.

I am so tempted to try out more of the pinky goat lashes because I am in love with these lashes.

Where to buy? Superdrug online and instore
Price? £11.99

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What have your favourites been this month?

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First Impressions | SueZBana Bath Bombs

When it comes to bath bombs and other bathroom essentials the first brand I used to think about was  Lush. Now I am looking into trying other brands to see what they have to offer. I have found a fair few brands lately and recently I got sent this amazing set of bath bombs from SueZBana

SueZBana is an online shop that sells a variety of delightful handmade cosmetics including shaving products, bath bombs and makeup.  
first impressions suezbana products
I was kindly sent the bath bombs gift set series 2 with a blend of coconut milk to try out. The box is vibrantly designed with bright pink and bath bombs on the background. Inside the box contains 6 different bath bombs that are all differently designed and all have different fragrances too. 

Each bath bomb is wrapped in plastic to retain their freshness and can be kept in the box for up to 3 months before you need to use them. 
suezbana review
Bath bomb fragrances inside the box
Ava - A whiff of raspberry
Lily - Tantalizing Pinacola
Violent - Fresh Floral Lavender
 Gracie - Tropical Peachy Papaya
Ella - Fresh Watermelon
Lexi - Crispy Blueberry

suezbana bath bombs
My Thoughts
I love the fact that they come in a very nicely designed box and also that the bath bombs are wrapped sepratly too. I have given a few away as presents and the people who received them are in love with them too. My personal favourite was the 'violent which was the fresh lavender' It has a lovely scent and made my bath a lovely vibrant purple shade.

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I am very glad to have tried this brand and I am looking forward to trying more of what the brand has to offer in the near future.

This bath bomb gift set costs £19.98 for 6 bath bombs!
More info here

Until next time

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Pink Parcel Review - August 2018

Pink Parcel is a monthly period subscription box that sends out the essentials like tampons/pads and also some treats to make having a period that little easier and a bit more relaxing too. I totally had to guess when to get this box because with having PCOS it's a little hard for me to pinpoint when my next period will be. I keep track of it on my Flo app which makes it easier and I ordered it by looking at my calendar of and unfortunately for me, I guessed a little out thanks to PCOS but still got it on the second day of my cycle. 

Every month's box is different and apart from the essentials of course but you can expect things like treats like sweets/chocolate, skincare and beauty products. The box costs £12.99 a month and can be cancelled anytime.

I bought this with my own money but I love the idea of this box so I had to try it out for myself.
A choice of your essentials
I love the fact you get to choose which products you want to receive in your box. You can choose between tampons, pads or mixture of both products. I personally like to use pads only so I am happy that I get only pads in my box.  

The pads are one of my favourite brands 'Always' and they are few products including night time friendly 'Always Maxi night', daytime 'Always regular' pads and 'Always Dailies' for when your period is nearly finished too. I have never tried the dailies before this box and I am glad I did now because it is much more comfortable wearing these on the days after a period when they are sometimes a little bit of period but not enough for a pad. 
Whats in the box? 
Spacemasks Self-heating Eye Mask 
As soon as you open the packet and put the eye mask on it starts to warm up. I wasn't sure of the sensation at first but I was super chilled out in no time at all. It has a lovely scent of jasmine and the warming sensation was so relaxing that just 20 minutes after wearing this mask I was fast asleep, it works wonders!

Price: £15 for a box of 5

English Laundry No7 For Her Purse Spray
This fragrance is sensuous jasmine, sparkly pear and sweet vanilla. It is purse friendly so it is easy to throw in your bag with you wherever you go or even take with you on holiday as an easier option than taking a full sized bottle of perfume. 

Price: £60 for 50ml 

Laritzy Dew Pot 
This little pot is a multi-purpose product that you can use on your lips, lids and cheeks for lumionous glow. I haven't tried the brand of the product yet but it does look nice.

Price: £20 for 12ml
What else is in the box?
Sebamed Clear Face Mattifying Cream 
A brand I haven't tried yet but looking forward to trying this out.
Candy Kittens Eton Mess 
Love these sweets, I always treat myself to these whenever I feel like a treat.
Oryza Dewy Glow Skin Beauty Balm
A new product to try!
Lyons No3 Rich & Full bodied coffee bag
LOVE this coffee, it is like a tea bag but with coffee

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My Thoughts
Amazing box and I am so glad I bought it. It is something nice to look forward too during a time of the month when it's not always the most comfortable. It costs £12.99 which I think is a bargain considering the products in the August Pink Parcel cost £55! So a bargain price really.

I am definitely keeping the subscription because I think it is nice to have a little treat on your period and with mine, they are awful and painful so this is perfect for me. I am looking forward to next months box now, yay!

More info on Pink Parcel Below

Until next time

Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach

My hair has grown a lot since I had it cut into a pixie style back in May. My hair has just started to grow past my ears *finally*. My hair has been pink and as much as I had fun with the pink hair I decided it was time to go back blonde and give Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach a whirl to see if it would remove the pink. 

 I am very familiar with Jerome Russell Bblonde products, I have been using them since I was 18 'cough- cough, 10 years'. I have made a few mistakes using them but I would like to think I have learnt from them now because dying and bleaching your hair is something that shouldn't be taken easily because it needs to be thought about and looking into without delving into the deep end like I have in the past and had many hair disasters. 
Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach
Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach 
For blonde to dark brown hair 
Permanent maximum Lightner - lights up 6-9 shades
Great if your an expert at doing your own hair. 

What's inside?
 Inside the box, you get 4 sachets 25g each. You mix one of them with one bottle of 75ml cream peroxide (sold separately)

How much is it?
This cost me £2.66 while the bottles of cream peroxide cost me about £1.50 each

Professional salon formula 
Formulated with mineral oil for hydration and shine.
The maximum cream peroxide in 30% ( I wouldn't suggest 40%!) and is formulated with avocado oil for enhanced hydration and shine.
Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach review
Things you need
An old towel, vaseline for your hairline etc, Timer, Tinting Bowl and Brush, Plastic gloves and Preferably someone to help.

No matter how many times you have dyed your hair in the past it is extremely important to perform a skin and strand test, even if its the same product every time!

Mix the powder bleach in the tinting bowl with the cream peroxide, you need of each. The box contains 4 sachets so this box would need 4 cream peroxides over 4 different occasions or if you have long hair you might need to use more than one each time.

Now my hair is very short so applying this was different then it was when I had longer hair. I got my boyfriend to apply the mixture to the ends of my hair first then onto the roots, be careful not to get any on the scalp. 

Now my hair was only a dusky pink so I only left this on for about 20 minutes but it can be left for up to 90 minutes but for goodness sake time it and make sure you keep an eye on hair too.

After time elapsed I washed it off and used a conditioning shampoo and a deep conditioner. Bblonde actually makes one for use after this but I used my own products. 

Bblonde High Lift Powder Bleach before and after

  • Read the instructions more than once
  • Open a window! These smell pretty bad so ventilation is a must!
  • Skin and strand test is a must! Reactions happen and its best to take precautions
  • Do not use this if your not sure as bleach will damage hair regardless of precautions and requires a lot of upkeep.
  • Do not bleach hair more than once in a short period of time, my goodness it is not good for hair, it's always best to wait 6 weeks in my opinion.
  • I am not an expert, just a girl who has used this many times over the years!
  • I would recommend going to the hairdressers as they are the experts!
  • AVOID 40% it is very damaging to hair
  • Don't use on hair that's been dyed too much as results can vary, I would recommend going to the hairdressers.
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My thoughts
It worked really for me and as I kept it on my hair for the bare minimum time I didn't damage my hair. It made hair a light blonde again which I am super happy about, all I need to do now is apply a white blonde toner which I am planning to do in a few days time after I give hair a break. 

When my hair needs touchups I will definitely be using this again as it's a budget-friendly option for me to keep up with the upkeep of my hair. As I said above, always do research as it is not something to jump into, in my opinion. 

Want to see a youtube video of me using this? If so check out my youtube channel of me using the product and also the results afterwards. 

Until next time 

Essie: Lovie Dovie Swatches & Review

It has been far too long since I last wore nail polish and the last time I can remember wearing it was way back in May if I remember correctly. I have worn nail polish for most days for the past 4 years so I wanted to give my nails a break so they could grow better and I could shape them. My nails are longer and in better condition.. all ready for more nail polishes to try out.

Essie is a brand I have wanted to try for a long time so I decided to treat myself to 'Lovie Dovie' which is described as 'a perfect flamingo pink' so that is right up my street as I just love flamingos and as many of my followers know, I just adore pink.
essie lovie dovie review
 I got this in while shopping in my local boots store. It cost me £7.99 which is a fair price in my opinion for nail polish. 

The packaging is very nice and stands out when you see it. The brush is larger than most nail polishes I have so it makes it much easier to apply to the nails. It can get into the grooves of the nails effortlessly without making a mess or needing to get more product.

The formula has 13.5ml of product and is DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free. 

Essie lovie dovie review
 As with any nail polish its always best to put on a base coat before applying a nail polish. I just used my one from Barry M. Make sure that is 100% dry before applying nail polish as it can make the product bubble or chip faster than normal.

Lovie Dovie took 2 applications to get an opaque and glossy finish because the first application was streaky but that resolved after a second application. It says to finish with a topcoat but every time I use one it makes it chip the very same day and its not just one brand I have tried I have tried it with numerous. I find this works best just with a base coat and the nail polish alone.  

I have found that I can get 3 days of wear from Lovie Dovie before it starts to chip a little which I am not disappointed with because I do a lot of cleaning, enjoy hot baths etc
Essie lovie dovie swatches
I am super impressed with Essie so far and I am looking forward to trying out more of their products and I have even added their trend duo 'flock you' on my wishlist. 

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Do you like ESSIE products? If so which is your favourite?

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Suncare with LloydsPharmacy Solero

This summer has been one of the hottest I can remember and I have lost track of the number of times I have treated myself and the kids to bubble pop waffles and ice cream. We have also been visiting family, going to a family members wedding not to mention the fun days out too.

 Now in the past when it comes to sun care I have been a bit naughty and not remembered to apply a sun lotions/sprays to myself even though I always apply the highest factor sun lotions or sprays on my kids, I always forgot myself without meaning too.

It's so important to remember to apply a sun lotion/spray because of the risks of sunburn, premature ageing/damaging the skin and not to mention the skin cancer risk. Solero suncare products are available at Lloyds Pharmacy for affordable prices.

Suncare with LloydsPharmacy Solero
 I was kindly sent 2 products to try from Lloyds Pharmacy and both have been used by myself and my partner too. 

Solero Invisible Sun Spray SPF30 150ml  (RRP £7.00)I love this spray as it gives a super fast and even application so even when you're in a rush you know your skin is covered and protected. This spray is indivisible and looks a little bit like water mist. Once it is on the skin it is 100% transparent, dries quickly and works well on skin that isn't acclimatised with the sun ( usual Glasgow weather then LOL).

Not only does this spray protect you against sunburn etc it also nourishes your skin with its added ingredient of vitamin E.

Solero Sun Allergy Prevention Spray 200ml  (RRP £8.00) This spray is perfect not only for adults but it can be used on children too. It has a high sun protection barrier on the skin that prevents sun blisters and sun allergies. Like the above spray, it is easy to apply and dries very quickly onto the skin.
Suncare with LloydsPharmacy Solero
How to use
  1. Shake well before use
  2. Apply onto skin half an hour before going out into the sun onto the areas of the skin which will be in contact with direct sunlight.
  3. It is important to apply this onto the skin several times a day ( every 1-2 hours ). Even more so are perspiring, swimming or towelling. So its always best to take it with you wherever you go.
No matter the time of year I would suggest using suncare. UV is always present no matter if it's sunny, raining or evening snowing. 
Other Solero products available
  • For kids, Ultrasensitive skin and many more 
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Check out the rest of the Solero range below 

Until next time!
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*Product/s sent for review, all opionions are 100% my own*

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review & Giveaway!

MMMMM Cake! I just love cake. I was kindly sent a letterbox cake from the lovely people over at Bakerdays, so I could give you all an insight into how their cakes are packaged, look and most importantly taste.

Some of you may be wondering who are Bakerdays? Well, Bakerdays are an amazing cake company that delivers personalised cakes to your door or even a loved one. They have a huge selection of cakes to choose from including; Birthdays, Eid and even one of my favourite holiday... Halloween!
Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review
Cakes are sent via courier but sometimes sent by the Royal Mail. You can track your cake with a tracking code they send you on an email.

My cake only took a couple of days to arrive and it came in perfect condition in a cardboard box that fit through my letterbox. Inside the box is a tin that holds the delicious cake and makes sure the cake is secure via delivery.

Now I know its easy to get carried away but please read the instructions on how to get the cake out the tin because it would be a shame to accidentally drop it etc. It has a little bit of paper on the side of the cake that you simply pull up so you can get the cake out effortlessly. 

Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review
The cake looked amazing and exceeded my expectations. It is a lovely shape, the design is vibrant and vivid and a nice size. This cake is not huge by any means, I can hold this cake with one hand but it's nice to share with up to 3-4 people in my opinion but they do have cakes they can deliever in letterbox size to large, so if you wanted you could order any of those.

They have six different flavour choices to go for including; Rich Chocolate Chip, Fabulous Fruit and the one I went for which is Traditional Sponge. 
Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review
I have never had cake via the post so I wasn't sure at first but you know sometimes it is nice to be wrong!

My cake was just delicious and was fresh, moist and actually tasted like a traditional sponge. The fondant on the cake wasn't over the top and complimented the taste of the cake. It had a yummy jam on the bottom along with the sponge they went perfectly with a hot cup of tea.

I loved every bite of this cake and so did my family! Noone was disappointed i this cake and I would definitely recommend them as its nice to have a personalised cake that tastes nice and arrives very quickly too.
Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review
Want the chance to win a Bakerdays 5" Letterbox cake?
Enter below for the chance to win!
(please read the T&C before entering!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review
Want to know more?
Baker days not only sell yummy cakes but they also sell cupcakes and personalised balloons, so they really know how to get a party started.  

They deliver in the UK and they can post to quite a lot of places internationally as well, how amazing is that? More info on that is on their website below.

Check out their site 

Till next time 

*Product/s sent for review, all opionions are 100% my own*

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

Makeup Revolution is one of the most popular drugstore brands in the UK and it's easy to see why! They release amazing beauty products so quickly and the prices are affordable. I have tried a fair few of their new releases recently including; Reloaded Newtrals 2 which is a gorgeous rustic red and orange eyeshadow palette and the Renaissance Flick eyeliner which is an easy to use, long lasting eyeliner pen.

There was such a huge hype when the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer came out and I heard so many positive things, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I wanted to see if the claims were true regarding the full coverage concealer!
makeup revolution conceal and define concealer
Getting this concealer was a blooming nightmare, trust me! It took me 3 months till my local Superdrug had this back in stock. I could have bought it online but I like testing before I buy my base makeup.

Conceal & Define comes in 25 shades ranging from fair to deep, in cool, neutral and warm undertones. This concealer is described as lightweight and full coverage.  These concealers are Cruelty-Free and also Vegan-Friendly too. 

Aqua, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Cyclopentasiloxane, Phenyl Trimethicone, Isododecane, Isobutylmethacrylate/Bis-Hydroxypropyl Dimethicone Acrylate, Cyclopemtasiloxane, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Quaternium-90 Bentonite, Propylene Carbonate, Butylene Glycol, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Cetyl PEG-PPG-10/1 Dimethicone, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Silica, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Sodium Chloride, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Triethylhexanoin, Cetyl PEG/PGG-10/1 Dimethicone, Polyglyceryl-4 Isostearate, Hexyl Laurate, Lecithin, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, Isopropyl Myristate, 2-Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Isostearic Acid, Polyglycerol-3 Polyricinoleate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Rosa Rubiginosa (Rosehip) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, (+/-) CI 77891, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499

makeup revolution conceal and define concealer review
I just love it! I can't fault it whatsoever. It has a lovely rose gold lid and label that stands out. It doesn't come in a box but with such a lovely bottle, who needs one right?

It has a large doe foot applicator that makes this concealer a breeze to apply. This is a multi-use product so can be used on the under eyes, blemishes and also use to contour. I love to use it on my under eys mostly as I have dark circles, so I use 3 dots of product and blend it with either my Real Techniques concealer brush or Beauty Blender.

The feel of this on the skin is almost silky yet super creamy. If I could compare it to another concealer I would say the texture is similar to the Bourjois healthy mix concealer.

Shade C4 
C4 is described for light skin tones with pink undertone. I would say its very true to this claim as I buy foundations and concealers in these shades and this concealer compliments them perfectly.

It has a lovely dewy finish in my opinion. The finish can also depend on the primer used as I find when I use a primer for my pores, it makes this concealer look more matte.

Lasting Power
This concealer lasts very well even with just a primer but for extra 'staying power' I would say use finishing powder and a makeup setting spray ( my favourite is the urban decay all nighter spray, it's bloody amazing and works wonders in any season).
makeup revolution conceal and define concealer
My Thoughts
As much as I love this concealer I am a bit shocked at how little amount of product you get since you only get 3.4ml of product which was a little surprising as the bottle looks like it holds a lot more. Most concealers I've had contain a lot more than 5ml. Apart from that, I have no fault in this concealer at all and I can see why it has so much excitement about it.

I have dark circles that often have people asking me if I am tired but since using this I haven't had one person ask me that. Applying this is easy as pie as the large doe foot applicator is very soft and applying it to the skin is delicate, unlike some concealer wands that are sharp and rough.

It works wonderfully with my Kat Von D lock-it foundation and stays in place all day without creasing or wrinkling, even on warm days/ even parties when gin is involved.

I just love that Makeup Revolution have 25 shades for their concealer which is a lot more than any other drugstore brand I have seen and I hope other brands follow suit and make more shades.

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Where to buy?
Online in their online shop or in Superdrug stores.

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