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April Beauty Favourites

Hello everyone!
It is finally Spring and you know what that means... totally new spring makeup and skincare routines, woohoo! I really think winter went by quickly this year so I am not going to complain much about freezing my ass off for a change. The last beauty favourites post was way back in the chilly February if you want to see my February beauty favourites click here for a nosey.

April was such a huge difference in my makeup routine as I usually just go for a simple contour with a highlighter and my eyeshadow would be nudes but my goodness I went all out and wore extravagant bright and stand out eyeshadow looks all month and you know something.... it made me feel good!
My April Beauty Favourites

Benefit GALifornia - Golden Pink Blusher
I have wanted to try this blusher for ages so I save up some points for some money off and I finally spoilt myself to this blusher and I am so glad I did. This is a beautiful golden pink blusher that has a lovely golden shimmer and a bright hot pink-they compliment each other perfectly. Not only does it look gorgeous on the cheeks it also smells lovely too as it has a scent of fresh grapefruit and vanilla.

Loreal Infallible Longer wear More Than Concealer 
This is a flawless full coverage natural matte finish concealer that is available in 25 shades. I have dark circles and small imperfections on my face and this concealer easily covers them effortlessly without feeling heavy or cakey. Not only is it great for imperfections but it works wonders as an eyeshadow primer, it makes the eyeshadow pop!

 Pixi - DetoxifEYE* 
When I first saw these I was like WTF are these LOL! I have never used products like this before but wow I am so glad I did. My eyes can tend to look puffy and tired at times but these eye patches work wonders on my under eyes. These eye patches are infused with cooling cucumber and gold which soothes, nourish and fortify. 
MUA Luxe Bronze and Sculpt Contour Kit 
I got this a few months back in my Halloween themed Glossybox and its just wonderful. This costs £5 and has a bronzer and a highlighter inside and if that wasn't enough it also includes a mirror.  This compliment each other to add definition when contouring.

Beauty Bakerie - Flour Setting Powder
Now first things first... I just bloody love the name of the beauty Bakerie products, they are all bakery product inspired names and I just love that. This setting powder works wonders on keeping makeup in place all day and also stipping eyeshadow fallout ruining makeup too.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette
This eyeshadow palette featured in my February favourites and honestly, I just had to put it in again because I just used it so much in April. I love the zodiac theme and the eyeshadow choices are just perfect for me. They have a selection of baked shimmers and creamy mattes with a champagne shade highlighter in the centre.
What were your beauty favourites in April?

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Ann Summers Aphrodisiac Perfume | Review

Hello Everyone!!

Last year I only had a few bottles of perfume and out of the few, I only wore one because I disliked the other fragrances because I am so exceedingly particular on which components I like in my perfumes. Now the others well I adore the bottles... that's an ok reason to keep them on my dressing table right lol? Anyways roll on to 2019 and now my dressing table has an abundant selection of perfumes from a variety of brands. I love trying new perfumes because I love smelling gorgeous. I went to Ann Sumers a few weeks back looking for anything but perfume but as soon as I got to the perfume section of the store I couldn't resist and treat myself to the Aphrodisiac perfume gift set.

Ann Summers has a collection on called Aphrodisiac and it has a selection of products including adult toys for couples and also the aphrodisiac perfume, body lotion and also body mist. I got this gift set for £15 reduced from £30 which I find a bargain for a 100ml perfume and a shimmer lotion.
Ann Summers Aphrodisiac Perfume | Review
Now with a name like Aphrodisiac, I was a bit uncertain... I love it a name that comes from the Greek goddess Aphrodite ( the goddess of love). But its noun meaning is; a food, drink or another thing that simulates sexual desire. Now I do think its a cool meaning but for an everyday perfume I was uncertain at first but you know this perfume changed my mind which I will explain more in the post. 

The scent of Aphrodisiac is quite sexy in my opinion as it has a seductive floral complimented by mid tones of blooming jasmine and vanilla. The body lotion has a lovely shimmer to it to give you a lovely glow while having the same fragrance as the perfume. 

I have used both of these products a fair few times now and I gotta say they surpassed my expectations by a long shot! Don't let a perfumes price fool you as for me this smells lovely! The bottle looks lovely and looks gorgeous on my dressing table. Only a couple of sprays of this perfume is enough to last all day. The lotion is lightweight and non-greasy and sinks into the skin to leave a lovely shimmery glow. 

Overall I have to say this scent is perfect for me as it lasts all day and the scent compliments me perfectly. I now use this most day now as the smells of flowers and vanilla is really nice. I think it's a pretty good value for money being half price and also including the body lotion makes this a steal. I am so glad to have bought this perfume, it is lush!

Where can I buy this?
You can find these in Ann Summers stores or on their website.
How much is it?
Prices for the fragrance range start at £10

Which perfumes are your favourite at the moment?

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BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette | Review

Hello everyone!
I just love eyeshadow palettes and for me the more bright, vibrant and sparkly the palette the more likely I am to buy it. I was hunting for a new eyeshadow palette a couple of months back so I looked round Beauty Bay and decided to try a brand I have never tried before BH Cosmetics. Their Zodiac palettes stuck out for me as I just love Zodiac-themed products. I had a choice to make as they are 2 Zodiac palettes I had to make a choice, which was hard... trust me.  I decided to go for the love signs palette as I preferred the more vibrant palette of the 2 ( I am sure I will get the other at some point)

The BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette cost me £22 from Beauty Bay. The palette has 24 eyeshadows and one highlighter.  Inside the Zodiac palette they a spetrum of sun kissed and cool shades which are a variation of baked creamy matte shades, lovely shimmery shades and a good size luminous baked highlighter in the centre. 
BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette | Review
The packaging is huge and I wasn't expecting it to be this big! Most eyeshadow palettes I have owned have been at least half the size of this palette, not saying the size is a bad thing .. just unexpected LOL. The eyeshadows themselves are set into a beautiful zodiac themed design and the palette also has a decent size mirror so it could be very travel-friendly if need be. The eyeshadows have 2 shades for each month while the centre holds a generously sized highlighter which for me looks like the moon sat their perfectly in the centre.

The palette feels the good quality for the price even though it does feel like a thick/hard cardboard but it does feel sturdy. I love the design of the palette, its what made me purchase it in the first place.

The baked matte eyeshadows in the palette are super creamy and as soon as you touch them you get a burst of vivid colour! A little bit goes a long way with them that's for sure. They also apply so easily onto the eyelids without any irritation, they almost feel like a delicate eyeshadow cream.
Now the shimmers, on the other hand, are an explosion of shimmer and sparkle. I have never seen such quality shimmer in a palette of this price, its brilliant. Now the shimmers take a little more work to get vibrant on the eyes but using a concealer or primer helps them pop to their full potential.

Guide of what's inside the Zodiac Love Signs Palette

Aries – Rose gold shimmer, hot pink matte. 
Taurus – Metallic rose, brown matte. 
Gemini – Fuchsia shimmer, rosy brown matte. 
Cancer – Metallic yellow gold, mustard matte. 
Leo – Copper shimmer, soft orange matte. 
Virgo – Metallic peach, coral matte. 
Libra – Mauve shimmer, dusty lilac matte. 
Scorpio – Metallic pink, pale pink matte. 
Sagittarius – Dark purple shimmer, eggplant brown matte. 
Capricorn – Metallic aquamarine, turquoise matte. 
Aquarius – Metallic teal, dusty teal matte. 
Pisces – Golden bronze shimmer, rich tan matte. 
Golden highlighter.

BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette | Review
BH Cosmetics Zodiac Love Signs Palette | Review
I love the variations of looks you can create with this palette, I have created so many different looks with this palette over the past few months. I have to say this palette is definatly up there with one of my favourite palettes as I love the combination of the baked mattes and shimmers.

Now the eyeshadow month duos do go beautifully together but it's so versatile trying with other months too. My favourites to go together in the palette has to be the matte Aquarius, matte Gemini and the shimmer Cancer...they go beautifully together for me. I tried this palette on my mum for a glamour day and she just loves it as she hasn't worn makeup in ages and she loved the choices and she even said it reminds her of the time she wore more vibrant makeup in her 20s which was back in the 1980s when she also had big hair with a perm, so it was nice for her to revisit that.

Below is a youtube video of me swatching the palette and also creating a quick makeup look with it also, click the play button below to see more.

My thoughts
Its the first time I have tried BH Cosmetics and I have to say my love of the brand is super high now! I just adore the fact that this was a random purchase and it turned out to be one of my most used eyeshadow palettes of the year so far. The eyeshadows are very vivid, pigmented and super long lasting! Applying them is so simple too so you don't have to worry about reapplying throughout the day or not getting much product on the lids, this delivers pretty much the first time.

The highlighter in the palette is a lovely golden shimmer and works wonderfully as stand-alone product highlighter or also used as an eyeshadow. I like using it on my inner eyes to make my eye more bright, works wonders for me every time.

I would definatly buy more BH Cosmetics products now that I know how wonderful and versatile this palette is. I am tempted to try more of their eyeshadow palettes and their brushes too.

Have you tried BH Cosmetics before?

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Hello Everyone!
I just love wearing false lashes nearly every day of the week! For me personally, they complete most of the makeup looks I like wearing. Last year at the start of 2018 I had no idea how to wear lashes as they would go in all the wrong places except my bloody eyelids.... fast forward to now I may not be a pro but I would say I am getting better. is an amazing website that has an amazing range of false lashes including lashes, eyelash glue and a few other accessories too. I was kindly sent these new mink lashes to give a whirl. 3D Mink Lashes | Review have a new range of 3D mink lashes and I was kindly sent 2 of the lash sets to try out to see what I thought of them along with lash applicator and also some false lashes glue too. 

Now the glue they sent me wasn't my cup of tea as it was quite thin and I prefer using my Eylure or Ardell eyelash glue.... thought I would mention this beforehand. Another thing is I am so used to applying my lashes with tweezers and for me, personally the false eyelashes applicator took some getting used to, but now I am pretty much used to it now aha. 3D Mink Lashes | Review
The 3D Mink Lashes come in a clear case that slides open and shut which for me is a lot handier and easy to use than a lot of other eyelashes, that feel like getting past a challenge in the crystal maze to get into.

The lashes are really thick, luscious and long! One of the many things I love about them is they are so soft which is a plus because too many times lashes can feel very plastic, uncomfortable and feel so unreal, these, on the other hand, are the most real looking lashes I have tried. They are very comfortable to wear considering they are very full and thicker than any other lashes I have tried before. 

Finding the right glue to apply these is a right pain though since they are thicker they need a little bit more support I found that Ardell eyelash glue works the trick perfectly with these lashes. As with any false lashes remember to measure them on your eye to see what is comfortable for you and trim any excess lashes. I made the mistake before of never trimming my false lashes and damn those things poked me in the eye and made my eyes water, ever since trimming them, I have not had that problem. 3D Mink Lashes | Review
My Thoughts
These are very glam and for the price point of £9.99, I think they are a bargain since they are reusable and look so damn realistic. They feel so much nicer than many false lashes I have tried and also very comfortable to wear considering how much more full and thick they are. They have a few designs to choose from and I am sure I will be back for more of these  3D mink lashes when I am invited to another special event or just when I want to feel glam ( which is pretty much all the time LOL)

Want to find out more about the 3D Mink lashes? Click the website here.  If mink isn't your thing they have 1000s of other eyelashes and products to choose from. 3D Mink Lashes | Review

Until next time

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PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device | Review

Hello Everyone!
Skincare has become one of my higher priorities as when I was younger I didn't really do much skincare, the most I would do would apply a moisturiser every now and again. Now I am 28 and I starting to notice fine lines here and there so I kicked my ass and started getting myself into a skincare routine to look after my skin. My skin is a combination so some parts are oily and prone to spots yet other parts can get really dry, looking after my skin now is a priority to age well.

PMD is a new company to me and this cleansing device is something I have never tried in any form. The PMD Clean is a cleansing device that delivers wait for it.... 7000 vibrations in 1 minute as part of its SonicGlow technology that not only delivers deep cleanse but also provides a way to lift, firm and tone the skin too. honestly, this is what my skin needed!
PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device | Review
Now I chose the beautiful blush with rose gold but they are also 4 colours to choose from, so you are spoiled for choice. If you choose one of these you also get 5 years warranty which is brilliant. The PMD Clean is made from ultra-hygienic silicone that not only is odour resistant but also antibacterial,  hypoallergenic and waterproof. Unlike a lot of cleansing devices, the head of this doesn't need replacing. 

The PMD Clean brush is double sided so its a 2 in 1 product. One side is for cleansing with 2 modes including gentle vibration and intense vibration. The other side is for anti-aging and also has 2 modes as well. You can use the cleansing side with a serum as it helps the skin absorb the serum better than it would just use your hands. 
PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device | Review
 How to use PMD Clean

  1. Rinse and apply cleanser 
  2. Wet and power on the device. Use on whichever setting you like, I like using mode 2 for a more intense cleanse. 
  3. Move the brush in circular motions around the face. Use in areas you think need more time. I personally use more on my cheeks as that's where I get open pores. 
  4. After you happy rinse than pat dry the skin 

PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device | Review
PMD Clean Facial Cleansing Device | Review
My Thoughts
I have never tried a cleansing device before so it was fun getting to learn to use this and you know something I am so glad that I did, it has been such a game changer in my routine. Not only does the 7000 pulsations a minute help remove impurities, dirt and makeup from the skin but it also firms and tones the skin, the funny thing is you can feel your skin getting warm and fuzzy using this device. It is simple to use in both settings as the wand is bendy and goes into the harder to reach places.

I love how warming and bright my skin feels after using this. Its a lovely addition to my collection and I really want to try more from the BMD range, especially the Personal Microderm.

The PMD Clean prices start at £89 all the way up to £165 depending on which device you choose. You can go to the BMD website here to find out more about the BMD Clean and what else they have to offer.

Have you tried a cleansing device before? 

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So Divine 'Addicted' Love Egg | Review

Hello Everyone!

Now So Divine is a new company to me as I usually get things from Love Honey or Ann Summers, so getting this was a pleasant surprise. One of the best things about So Divine is that they are in easier to find and buy in places such as boots, Asda and even Tesco, it's great the companies are becoming more sex-positive. 

I have never tried a love egg with remote before so I had to have a whip through the instructions first lol. I have tried a variety of products in the past which are either bullets or wands but this was totally new to me. 

About the Brand
So Divine is a sex toy company that sells sex toys for him, her and couples. Their website has many different things to choose from including lube, bullets and massaging wands. 
So Divine 'Addicted' Love Egg | Review
Packaging and Contents
It comes in the most lovely packaging and the contents inside it are very nicely presented too. Inside the box, you have the love egg, the remote, USB charger wire and also has a nice luxury storage bag. The box is very handy that you could keep the love egg in here with the storage bag after you use and clean it. 

Now sometimes bullets can be a right pain because when you want to use them and the battery has gone and you have no charge boo! But with this, it comes with a handy USB charger that you can simply charge off your laptop or what not. 

Product features
  • 10 Vibrating functions – 3 speeds & 7 pulsating patterns
  • Remote controls up to 5 meters
  • Water-resistant – take the fun into the shower and bath
  • Ultra quiet but powerful to give you the best possible experience
  • Premium silky soft silicone
  • The perfect couples toy that can be used with or without the control
  • Made with a tapered tip for easy insertion and an ergonomic retrieval cord for fuss-free removal
  • Latex & phthalate free
  • Luxury storage bag included
So Divine 'Addicted' Love Egg | Review
My thoughts 
I had to read the instructions for this as I have never used one of these before. They are 2 ways to use the love egg and one is like using it like a bullet and the other is like a G-spot massager. I tried both ways and the settings on the remote were great as they started off slow then you can work your way up if you want. I do think its best to use with lube and in my personal opinion is look at the instructions/settings beforehand because you really are spoilt for choice with this.

I wouldn't say its the quietest but it isn't ridiculously loud but it does have a mellow sound. Since it's made out of premium silicone it is very comfortable to use with the vibrations. The power was amazing and it doesn't lose any power over time it just won't work when it needs to be charged, so that's a good thing.

This is perfect for solo play or can be used together for extra fun. I will say this it didn't take this long to work its magic with me! 100% my favourite toy ever now.

Rating: 9.5 / 10

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So Divine 'Addicted' Love Egg | Review

How much is the So Divine 'Addicted' Love egg?
It costs £54.99

Where can I buy So Divine Products?
So Divine products are available in so many places now including their website which is brilliant. I will list them all below.

Boots.Superdrug. Amazon. Ocado. Asda.

Thanks so much for reading! Until next time

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Feast Box: An Asian & Middle Eastern Food Subscription Box | Review

Hello Everyone
Now I must admit I just love Asian and middle eastern food, they are my all time favourites. I know how to make a variety of indian foods but I am no expert but still, I do like to give it a whirl. Some days I want to make Asian recipes but I don't have all the ingredients I need or I might be unsure how to make them. I was super excited when Feast Box asked me to try out one of their subscription boxes! 

Feast Box has many different recipes to choose from on their website including a decent selection of vegan and vegetarian options too. You have the choice if you want the meals to be for 2 or for 4 people and it also tells you next to the recipe how much it costs per person/serving on the recipe you choose. You can choose when you want to deliver and can cancel the subscription when you want.
Feast Box: An Asian & Middle Eastern Food Subscription Box | Review
What's in the box?
So the box comes by courier and as you can see by the photo above that the box is a decent size. Inside the box, it is cool because it has ice packs inside to keep the food cool. The vegetables were all in paper bags while the onions, frozen garlic & gingers and spice packets were in a reusable drawstring bag.

Everything I could see including the packaging keeping the food safe during transit is recyclable which I think is just- it's nice to see when brands are earth friendly.

Feast Box: An Asian & Middle Eastern Food Subscription Box | Review
Persian Aubergine with Lentil Stew 
Aubergine has to be one of my favourite things to cook with, its surprising at how versatile it is! Preparing this took about 30 minutes and the cooking time was 40 minutes. The combination of lentil, pomegranate and aubergine were heavenly as the aubergine was lovely and soft, the pomegranate bringing a nice sweet twist and the lentils have a lovely texture in your mouth. I would 100% buy this again, delicious.

Tofu Tikka Masala Saag 
Now, this dish was something I have never tried making before with single cream and yoghurt so it's a first! Surprisingly it was my favourite out of the 2 dishes even though I do love both. Making this did take time and reading the step by step guide is super important to make sure its right but since the instructions were easy to read and follow it was easier than expected. I wouldn't have thought I would have loved a creamy curry but this was so delicious that I had to get a piece of bread to get the last bits of masala off my plate.
Feast Box: An Asian & Middle Eastern Food Subscription Box | Review

Overall my experience was 100% positive they were nothing I didn't like. The Feast Box website is very simple to use and navigate and the delivery times were perfect for me being a busy mum. The meals for 2 were the right amount of servings and the food itself was mind-blowing.

I think the best thing about this box is you learn how to make new foods with fresh and delicious ingredients. It has made me want to learn to cook more.

Want to try Feast Box? Well, they have been very generous and I have a code you can use for 40% off your first order!


Order and find out more about Feast box below

Have you tried Feast box before; Have you tried a food subscription box before?

So what the heck is CBD Oil? CBD Buddy

Hi Everyone!

Something that it flying around the high street and the online market is CBD oil. CBD is in so many forms including skincare, sweets, oils and even vapes. But many of us see the word cannabis and think wtf isn't that illegal? Lol, come on I am sure many of us have thought that. Anyways this post is all about some facts about CBD and also some benefits of it too, it's not the monster its made out to be. Carrying on reading so I can tell you more on CBD oil and my thoughts on CBD Bubby Oils

🌿Let's start by saying YES CBD IS LEGAL! 🌿
So what the heck is CBD Oil?  CBD Buddy
So what the heck is CBD?
CBD is short for cannabidiol and is the second most prominent compound. It has many benefits and they are many varieties of product out there on the market. CBD Buddy makes CBD oil and vapes in different flavours.
Hey, isn't cannabis illegal? πŸ™€
No worries everyone, CBD is legal! THC is the compound in cannabis that makes you high. CBD has no THC in it at all so you can reap the benefits in the UK and EU.

How do you take CBD Oil?
You simply add the required drops under your tongue with the simple to use pipette which adds the right amount of drop each time, don't forget to count! You keep the CBD oil under your tongue for 3 minutes then swallow, the CBD is absorbed by a thin membrane under the tongue.

CBD Buddy Oils come in 3 different strengths 3%, 5% and 10%. You can say money with multibuy on their oils too. They are vegetarian/vegan-friendly, raw, organic and also gluten-free.
So what the heck is CBD Oil?  CBD Buddy
They are many benefits of CBD but I will not go on here saying its a miracle cure or anything like that I am just going to say what others say the key benefits are and also my own personal experiences with it.
Some of the benefits I saw by others online

  • Pain relief
  • Combat anxiety
  • Treat sleep issues
They are many more benefits explained online but I think it's important to find them so you know more about them yourself. 

So what the heck is CBD Oil?  CBD Buddy
My experience with CBD oil
I have used the 5% CBD oil for over a month now and I must admit at first the taste of the oil is quite overpowering but nothing crazy that won't wash away with a nice cold drink. Over time taking this oil a couple of times a day the taste for me got easier to take and not as harsh to take, its now part of my routine.

Now I must admit I have anxiety and I am sure anyone else out there with anxiety knows what it's like, it sucks and some days are so much worse than others. Since I have taken this oil my anxiety has reduced so much and I am so much calmer as a person, I have fallen in love with the oil.

Now I usually switch from having the CBD oil and the vape now and it's now part of my day and I just love it.

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So what the heck is CBD Oil?  CBD Buddy

Have you seen or tried CBD oil or vapes before?

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12 Hours In Edinburgh... its really not enough

Hello everyone!

Living in Glasgow, Scotland you would think I would be going to Edinburgh more than once a year but being honest I don't get round to it as often as I would like even though I love Edinburgh. Let us just say as a city, it is rich in so many things such as history, food, culture and so much more; they is always something to do in Edinburgh and for me, 12 hours is not enough time to scratch the surface and explore them all.

One thing for sure next time I will booking a hotel from so I don't have to worry about looking for hotels in Edinburgh while I am there, trust me they tend to be booked up so often, book ahead to avoid disappointment. I will be able to relax more during my stay and see more of the sites and do more things. shows you a variety of different options including luxury, family friendly, pet-friendly and also a cheap option too. 
Edinburgh fountain
 We started the day by taking the kids to school in the morning then we went on route to Edinburgh since he filled up the car with fuel the night prior we were ready to roll. We are so lucky because we only live 46 miles away in Glasgow and my kids uncle was babysiting the kids that day. The drive was pretty relaxing as the roads were pretty quiet in the morning. Once in Edinburgh, we had no trouble finding parking as they are many places to park including story car parks. 

Finding your way around the streets is pretty easy as they are many signs and if in doubt use your phone and maps to find a location you are looking for. 

Edinburgh Castle
We went the day before spring and the weather was quite mild with a b it of cloud but remarkably it didn't rain for us haha. Walking round in the mild winter weather was lovely, walking around you could see the history almost fairy tale like atomphere ooze from every street and so many restaurants and places to go you really are spoilt for choice here.

“The view of Edinburgh from the road before you enter Leith is quite enchanting: it is, as Albert said, fairy-like and what you would only imagine as a thing to dream of, or to see in a picture.” 

Queen Victoria

You see places to visit and see, pretty much everywhere you go. We wanted to walk around the centre of town before we got any food. You know something cool about Edinburgh is you can see the castle ( don't you think it looks like Hogwarts) from lots of places around town. After we walked a while we ended up at Victoria street which a stunning curved street which has brightly coloured shops that are Instagram friendly, once we got there we realised we walked so much and decided to pop and get some ice cream at Mary's Milk Bar! After ice cream we visited the castle then got some burgers. We just enjoyed seeing all the sights and planning our next visit which will be a few days long that's for sure! I want cocktails and to see the nightlife.
victoria steet Edinburgh
Time to eat
19 Grassmarket, Edinburgh EH1 2HS
Mary's Milk Bar is just a stone's throw from Victoria street and not very far from central, its at 19 Grassmarket. This is inspired by the old milk bars that used to be popular back in the 1930s. Mary's Milk Bar has handmade ice cream that is made fresh every day and every day the flavours are different too. Not only do they do delicious ice cream they also make lovely handmade chocolates too. 

I chose violet and my friend chose hazelnut. Mine was just heavenly and was so fresh and a lovely vibrant violet taste. My friend's ice cream was an upgraded kinder bueno taste. 

Choosing what to have for lunch was sooooooo hard omg, so many amazing places to choose from but we eventually settled on going to Byron's Hamburgers because we haven't been here before and damn we love a good burger, am I right?. 

They have a large selection of burgers on offer and also some other foods too like desserts and sides etc. I chose the Jack Stack which was a delicious burger made with a veggie bean pattie, bbq jack fruit and lots of yummy vegs. My friend ordered a huge burger called 'Reuben' which has a beef patty, bbq beef brisket, sauerkraut pickle relish, with bacon and onion crumbs, they enjoyed it so much too. We also ordered cheesy fries which were a cheese lovers heaven!
mary's milk bar edinburgh
Places I would love to eat at in Edinburgh

The Bluebird Cafe
5 Canonmills, Edinburgh EH3 5HA Scotland
I must admit breakfast foods are definatly one of my favourite foods (what am I talking about I love all food LOL). This place is rated very high for its breakfasts so will pay a visit in the future for either pancakes or a full English/Scottish breakfast. 

Colonnades at The Signet Libary
West Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RF Scotland
You know something, everyone...  I have never had afternoon tea before! The afternoon tea here looks absolutely divine and it's even described as Edinburgh's best afternoon tea! 

The places to shop in Edinburgh 
Whether it be luxury brands, high street or beautiful boutiques, they will be here! Below are some prime destinations to visit, whether its for friends, shopping or treating yourself. 
Princes Street
George Street 
Multrees Walk
The West End 
The Grassmarket and Victoria Steet 
marys milk bar ice cream
Things to do in Edinburgh
Now, this list could be soooo long but I have put down a few I would love to do while I am there. 
  • Edinburgh Castle 
  • Edinburgh famous underground ghost tour
  • Malt Whiskey Tasting
  • City Sightseeing bus
  • National Museum of Scotland
byrons burgers edinburgh
I have to say we really enjoyed our day trip to Edinburgh, it was full of things to see, history and amazing food. Next time I go I would 100% go for a luxury hotel room for the night and have a nice evening of cocktails after a long day of walking and seeing all the sights and enjoying the food. 100% planning ahead and finding a nice hotel from in advance to enjoy my next break here. 

Have you been to Edinburgh before?

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