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Japan Candy Box 'Halloween Edition' | Review

Japan Candy Box 'Halloween Edition' | Review
I would like to mention that I haven't been blogging for a while now because I have been feeling so blooming ill and even now I am but I need to get some blog work done, anyways it is making me feel a little better while I am doing it.

As many of my readers will know, I am a huge fan of subscription boxes. I usually go for beauty boxes but was kindly sent this amazing Japan Candy Box which was full of Halloween themed candy. Seeing as Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, it just made this subscription box all the better. I have never tried Japanese candy so it was so much fun. You could also win a box by entereing the competon at the bottom of this post. 
🕸 Inside the October Japan Candy Box 🕸

Lotte Toppo Halloween Cookie Sticks 
These cookie sticks are crispy and filled with milk chocolate in the middle. These are just delicious and taste a little similar to mikados! 

Koala's March Cookies Halloween Edition 
These cookies are small and have a koala design on the front of the cookie, each cookie has a different koala's designs. 

Coris Mizuama DIY Flavour Change Candy
Inside this is 3 different pouches of colourful liquid. You mix them all together and create a unique flavour. I am not sure the flavour of this but it could have been 'Strawberry' 'Soda' or Lemonade'.
Japan Candy Box 'Halloween Edition' | Review
Halloween Sweet Candy 
This is a traditional Japanese brown sugar treat that has been very popular in Japan for years. It tastes so nice and reminds me of cotton candy in bar form. 

Halloween Umaibo Snack Stick 
A popular puffed corn snack which reminds me a lot of Dairylee dunkers. It tastes like authentic Japanese corn potage soup. 

Skeleton Ramune Candy 
This candy comes in a box that is shaped like a coffin and the skeleton is buildable too. I am not keen on the candy but it was a lot of fun to make.

Monster Stamp Candy 
These can be used as stamps or just eat them. They are very similar to the skeleton Ramune candy so I wasnt keen on these at all. We did love the fun designs on them and also using them as stamps. 
Japan Candy Box 'Halloween Edition' | Review
Halloween Caramel Corn  
These have been famous since 1971 and honestly, I can see why! They are flavoured with a Halloween flavour ' Pumpkin Pudding Flavour'. These are just delicious and remind me of wotsits but so much better. 

Marukawa Witch Mystery Gum
These are so much fun, it has so many flavours inside and you can mix up the flavours to create new ones.  You get a generous amount inside and the flavours are lovely. Apparently eating every flavour makes the flavour disappear... magic!

Marukawa Witch Color Change Gum 
This is a cola flavoured gum and is also colour changing. It can change the colour of the tongue to either red or black. So much fun for Halloween. 
Japan Candy Box 'Halloween Edition' | Review
Overall I am super happy that I had the chance to try out the amazing Japan Candy box! Everything in the box was a product I have never tried before, so it was fun giving new products a try. I loved the box and everything inside. The theme just made the box so much better.

My favourites in the box had to be the Halloween Caramel corn which was sweet flavoured corn that just tasted so nice and I would 100% buy them again. I also loved Halloween Sweet candy because it tasted like candyfloss, just delicious.

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Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette | Review

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette review

Jeffree Star Cosmetics is a super huge brand with lots of beauty products varying from eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks to blinding highlighters. You would think after all of the reviews on eyeshadow palettes such as the Illamasqua shiver palette that I would be tired of getting them by now but nope, far from it to be honest... lol. I have a few eyeshadow palettes but I do like to have a choice of different finishes and shades and that is 'Blood Sugar' comes in.

Blood Sugar was a right pain to get because it sells out so darn quickly as soon as the blooming thing restocks. I didn't get this myself but I was super lucky to get gifted this palette and I am very thankful. I have noticed though it has recently been restocked on Beauty Bay! It costs £46 and has 18 shades inside the fabulously designed palette. 
First Impressions
Since I got my first Jeffree Star product which was a liquid lipstick called 'Celebrity Skin' I kinda had a feeling that the palette would be top notch. I wasn't wrong and honestly as soon as I opened the packaging I could pretty much see the quality straight away. It comes in a faux red leather effect case which feels strong and durable. It closes shut firmly with 2 silver clasps on the front of the palette. 

Inside the palette, the eyeshadows are embossed with the Jeffree star emblem and the palette contains a variety of matte, metallic and pressed glitter shades. Each shade is highly pigmented and easy to blend.
Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette
Shades inside Blood Sugar
🦑 Glucose - Bright White Matte
🦑 Sugar Cane - Powder Pink Matte
🦑 Cake Mix - Soft Orange Brown Matte 😍
🦑 Ouch - Camel Yellow Brown Matte 
🦑 Donor  - Golden Bronze Metallic 😍
🦑 Intravenous - Dark Red Brown Matte
🦑 Candy Floss - Pinky Lilac Glitter 😍
🦑 Tounge Pop - Salmon Pink Matte
🦑 Sweetener -  Peachy Pink Gold Glitter  😍
🦑 Cavity - Neon Pink Matte
🦑 O Positive -  Mauve Matte
🦑 Root Canal - Bright Purple Red Matte
🦑 Prick - Bright Red Orange Matte 
🦑 Cherry Soda - True Red Matte 
🦑 Fresh Meat - Berry Red Matte 
🦑 Blood Sugar - Copper Red Glitter 😍
🦑 Extraction - Deep Berry Purple Matte 
🦑 Coma - Deep Eggplant Matte
Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette review
I can honestly say out of all the eyeshadows palettes packaging this one has to be the best quality packaging and design I have got to date. Its built strongly with clasps that keep it shut and also inside apart from the fabulous eyeshadows is a very good sized mirror. The mirror makes it so much easy to apply eyeshadows as usually and I am sure it is not just me who thinks a majority of eyeshadow mirrors are too small?

It also comes in a sleeve which gives me retro vibes as it looks like a videotape and its box haha! The sleeve also has the emblem and holds the palette perfectly.

Most of the eyeshadows are very creamy and as soon as you touch them they give you a lot of pigment that feels almost silky. Root canal, Prick and Coma are not as buttery as the other shades in the palette but they are still easy enough to use and blend with the other shades, it just takes a bit longer with these particular shades in my opinion.

All of the shades have pigmentation that exceeded way past my expectations and would say most would give high pigment first time but as with the shades I said above, they take a little more work to get the higher intensity of pigmentation like the other shades in the palette.  My favourites for intense pigmentation has to be 'Donor', 'Sweetener' and 'Blood Sugar'.

They is 3 different finishes in the palette including glittery, matte and presser glitters. Each shade is very buttery to the touch and each one applies as it should. My personal favourites in the palette glitter shades as they are very creamy to apply and also blend to perfection.

Lasting Powder 
After a whole days wear none of the shades faded one bit! They have to easily be the longest lasting eyeshadows I have tried and I am impressed. Even without primer, these work well and last just as long. They dont loose matter or gliter throughout the day thankfully.
Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Eyeshadow Palette  swatches
My Thoughts
AMAZING! worth every penny of the £46. It has 18 amazing shades that aren't typical shades you find in eyeshadow palettes. I love that it has a mix of natural shades, bronzes and also brights and stand out reds, it's definitely an eyeshadow palette I never knew I needed until I got it.

I have nothing bad to say about the palette apart from the fact it is a right pain to get as it always seems to be sold out ( available at the moment on beauty bay) Some of the eyeshadows in the palette such as root canal and cavity take a little longer to remove with makeup remover such as micellar water ( my favourite has to be Garnier micellar water).

My favourite eyeshadows in the palette are ones I use together most days to create my everyday makeup look and they are; 'Cake mix': I cover my entire eyelid with this, 'Donor': I add to the outer corners of my eyes to add sparkle and last but not least 'Sweetener' for the inner corners of my eyes and also for my underneath lower lashes

Have you tried Jeffree Star Cosmetics before? if so what are your favourites? 
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Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I

I have been meaning to buy new makeup brushes for myself for a while now so when I saw these Real Techniques brush crush volume 1 on offer in Superdrug I just knew I had to have them. Real Techniques makeup brushes have been favourites of mine for years now as they are so long-lasting, work wonderfully well and most of all are affordable.

 Most of my makeup brushes are already Real Techniques so choosing which brand of makeup brushes to choose was simple for me really. I needed a contour, blush and foundation brush but only managed to find the first two since the foundation brush was sold out at the time in my nearest Superdrug store. 
Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I review
Brushes available in the Brush Crush Volume 1 range...

300 Powder
301 Foundation  👀
302 Blush 👍
303 Contour 👍
304 Fan 
305 Shadow
306 Kabuki 
and last but not least the Diamond Sponge

All of the range looks amazing, holographic and sparkly and would buy the whole range if I could! I might have to get my skates on though because these brushes are limited edition.
Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I
Each brush is either a sparkly holographic pink or a purple shade and the brush itself is nothing short of extraordinary! Not only are they so instagramable but the handles are shaped beautifully and almost remind me of magical unicorn horns. 

The handle doesn't feel rough with the sparkles but it is not completely smooth either but the main thing is that is that its easy to hold and use. 

The bristles of the brushes start off white at the base and slowly blend into purple and pink which has a funky ombre effect. The brushes are firm yet soft and depending on the pressure you use with them will create different effects. 

Now I am sure I am not the only one who hates cleaning their makeup brushes right? Its blooming rhetorical and sometimes it takes up so much time that I almost nod off to sleep with boredom LOL! Put on the kettle I say and make a strong coffee 🤣

Anyways away from me complaining I have a steady weekly routine of cleaning my brushes with brush cleaner with a cleansing egg. The brush crush brushes clean up surprisingly well when cleaned and I have added it doesn't take much effort really either. Many times when cleaning brushes after a few times the bristles or even handles fade but after having these a few months they are holding up strong and after they are washed they looked pretty much brand new straight away. 
Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I review
302 Blush 
This is a purple handled brush and the bristles on top of this has a triangular tip which concentrates the blush to the apples of the cheeks. It works really well at adding a rosy glow to the cheeks and I also like to use this brush for a light touch of highlighter for days I don't want to much highlight on. 

303 Contour 
LOOOOVE this! Honestly out of all my makeup brushes this has to be my favourite! It creates the perfect contour effortlessly with its flat cut bristles.. even I can get a flawless contour which is bloody brilliant for me as I usually need to try twice or more to get it right typically. This brush is sparkly pink with a white base and like the blush brush, it has ombre pink and purple. 
Real Techniques Brush Crush Volume I
Overall I am super happy with these brushes and as you can probably tell by the above that I just love the contour brush. They both cost £11 each but I got them on offer so it bought one get the one-half price. Now I can understand why these won't be everyone's cup of tea as the unicorn theme is around so much but I love the unicorn theme so I am a happy bunny. 

Real techniques brushes are made with synthetic bristles and they are also a cruelty-free company too. They make an amazing range of brushes, sponges and makeup brush cleaning products. If you want more info on Real Techniques click here

Have you tried Real Technique products before?

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October Pink Parcel Review - October 2018

Hello everyone! 🌙

Following on from last months review on the September Pink Parcel I decided to give it another chance since it was late last month. This month wasn't much better and was over a week late and far too late for my period which is the whole point of me buying the box in the first place. Anyways less of negatives and let us carry on with the post.

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box that has the essentials such as the pads and/or tampons. It could also have a variety of products including food, beauty and products to help you feel good during your period. The box itself is £12.99 a month and can be cancelled at any time.

This months box theme is 'Barefaced Beauty Edit' and highlights a fair amount of skincare products including a face mask. 
So what's in the parcel? 📦

The Organic Pharmacy Rose Facial Cleansing Gel 
This has a refreshing combination of aloe, rose hip, rose and bilberry which helps deep cleanse the skin and also leaving in conditioned which in turn leaves the skin luminous and have a natural complexion. I have never tried this brand before but I am a huge fan of rose scented products so I am looking forward to trying this out. 

Sample Size (20ml)
Price: £49.00 for 100ml 

Kawaii Enterprise Lilac Brush Cleansing Egg
Now I am so glad I got this because I have lost my previous cleansing egg! All you need to do is wet your make-up brushes and add some makeup brush shampoo and using the grooves use circular motions on the egg under warm water until water runs clear. 

Full Size 
Price: £6.99 each

MUDMASKY Ⓡ Morning Boost Mask
All you need is a thin layer of the mask in the morning and just after one minute, it works its magic. It revitalises the skin. It contains premium arabica coffee, Morrocan lava clay and Indonesian flowers which all help to lift, smooth and energise the skin... just what my skin needs in the morning that's for sure... well that and a large strong coffee. 

Sample Size (20ml)
Price: £60 for 60ml
And what else is in the parcel? 🤔

T+ Immunitea Vitamin Super Tea 
Honestly, the bloody name of this tea just cracks me up, it so amazing and its so creative so high five who named this tea. This tea sounds really nice to have on those painful tummy days as it contains green tea and vitamins, it contains your daily allowance of vitamin C in one cup! 

1 Teabag
Price: £3.69 for a box of 15.

What's In It For Me..? Body Cleanser
So not only do we have a facial cleanser in the box we also have a body cleanser thrown in for good measure.  This apparently helps you wake up in the morning as it has a combination of grapefruit, peppermint and witch hazel. 

Sample Size (50ml)
Price: £6.00 for 250ml

Bandzee Fawn Collection 
These hairbands have to be my favourite thing in this months box! They have a variety of nude snag-free hair bands. My hair has just gotten long enough for me to start wearing hair bands which is brilliant. 

Full Size
Price: £6.95

Chocolate & Love 2X Orange or Sea Salt Napoliatain 
The packaging for these chocolates is just adorable! It reminds me a lot of retro premium soap packaging. These chocolates contain more cocoa and less sugar and they are also certified organic and their ingredients are ethically sourced. I got the orange but I do wish I got the sea salt as I just love salty chocolate.

Price: £2.99
I honestly don't know what to say about this months box. Apart from the fact it was very late this month, I can't complain too much as they offered 50% off my next box which I took and with a little luck next months box will be on time.

This months box for me was the worst box I have received so far. They are far too many samples compared to previous boxes and the samples themselves aren't really enough to get me to want to try the product which is a shame. I do like the hair bands and the brush cleansing egg though.

You can find out more about Pink Parcel here. On there you can see which subscriptions they have to offer and also what's in their pink shop.

Have you tried the Pink Parcel subscription box?
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Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream | Review

Hi everyone! 🌙

If there's something strange
In your neighbourhood
Who you gonna call?
👻 Ghostbusters! 👻

I just love the Ghostbuster movies and I am can't help but notice that the Ectoplasm products are named after the references from the film in which they say ectoplasm is the residue/slime that comes from ghosts, so I think that the products are very well named in that sense. 

The Halloween range from Lush this year is very impressive and I have some firm favourites from the collection including the 'Monsters Ball - bath bomb' which has been a favourite of mine since its release in 2016. Ectoplasm is a citrusy scent and also has a naked version of the shower cream, wash card, a solid perfume and also a jelly bath bomb.
Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream review
Like all of the shower creams, it comes in the usual lush packaging but with a Halloween twist of course. It has some fun and quirky wording on the label on the front of the packaging and also on the reverse of the label too. It also has a name change from shower cream to ever so spooky shower scream!

The Ectoplasm scent has a fresh and fruity fragrance and for me feels quite warming. Its key ingredients are as follows; Tangerine water, Fresh grapefruit juice, Tangerine oil and Almond oil.

Tangerine and grapefruit stand out the most with this shower gel and as soon as you open up the bottle you are hit with the smell of the fresh fruity scent like a ghost who managed to escape the proton pack in ghostbusters LOL!

Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream halloween
Cruelty-free and Vegan-Friendly  🐰

List of ingredients in the shower scream
Water (Aqua) Sodium Laureth Sulfate Sodium Cocoamphoacetate Glycerine Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter Almond Oil Glyceryl Stearate & PEG-100 Stearate Cetearyl Alcohol Tangerine Water Lauryl Betaine *Limonene Tangerine Oil Tangerine Juice Fresh Grapefruit Juice Fine Sea Salt Grapefruit Oil Litsea Cubeba Oil *Citral *Linalool Perfume Colour 59040

 Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream
Lush Ectoplasm comes in 3 sizes and prices start at £5.50. I am a big fan of the scent and seeing as this is a limited edition product I bought the 520g which set me back £18.25.

This year they have also made a naked version of the shower scream but upon checking it in the shop I did find it start melting and it felt too soft. Online if you look at reviews you will see others disappointment in it. I do hope its formula improved next year and if so I will purchase it for sure. 
Lush Ectoplasm Shower Scream review
Overall I can't complain about this shower scream at all. It works wonderfully even though the product itself is super thick but nothing to worry about like a couple of seconds of putting the bottle under warm water it fixes it. The shower scream is vibrant neon yellow and I am sure it even glows in the dark its that neon. The fact it is so bright and named about slime from Ghostbusters sure does add to the quirkiness and fun Halloween twist to the product. 

The scent is just lovely and I am a big fan of citrusy scents from lush so that makes Ectoplasm a sure winner for me. Even though the ingredients don't show any spice it does have a spicy/woody twist to it and I am sure you will agree. 

Now as much as I love this I can't help but notice the prices of lush products going up so much lately without explanation whatsoever. Anyone else notices that? 

What Lush products do you like from the Halloween range? 

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10 At-Home Date Ideas

Hello everyone! 🌙
Getting time for going on dates when you're a full-time or a working parent or even a busy couple sure is hard and sometimes I really wish they were more time in a day but compromise works wonders you know. At-home dates are an amazing alternative to going out and can honestly sometimes be better than going out sometimes.

Having dates at home don't need to cost a fortune and many in my list don't cost anything. Everything on my list is inexpensive and a great way of having a great romantic night in with each other.

I have written a list of 10 at-home date ideas for couples and parents, I hope you like them. 

10 at home date ideas
1. Watch movies or tv series - This has to be up to there with one of my favourites. I like snuggling up on the sofa with a soft and cuddly blanket watching movies and its even better when they are snacks such popcorn, sweets or even a cheeky glass of gin and tonic involved. 

Our favourite movies to watch is the Blade trilogy, Back to the Future or pretty much any series that is on Netflix at the moment, I have lost count of how many series I have watched on amazon prime and Netflix this year haha. 

2. Arts and Crafts - These can be so much fun and we have a few we love to do including knitting, colouring in, painting to name a few. At the moment seeing as its nearly Halloween we like to have a few hours at night painting some decorations for around the house while the candles flicker in the background, its lovely. 

3. Make a special meal or order a takeaway - It doesn't matter which one you choose as long as you both choose together. I love putting food nicely on a table with some fresh flowers in a vase and having a spicy scented candle lit in the middle of the table. 

It could be an amazing time to try new foods together or even make new foods together as well! I never complain over ordered pizza though 😜

4. Play a board/card Game - These may sound retro but my goodness they can be so much fun to play. We have a few board games but our favourite at the moment has to be the 'Walking Dead Edition' of Monopoly, it gives such a fun and creepy spin of a classic. 

5. Talk to each other -  I know this sound pretty obvious but I do think it's a great time to actually open up to each other and talk to each other and even ask each other questions. Relationships grow over time and talking to each other for me personally is a great way to grow as a couple and to know each other more. 
6. Shop at Love Honey* -  Love Honey is an amazing website for singles and couples. It offers a variety of products including lingerie and adult toys. I recently got this 'Love Honey Classic Mains Powered Magic Wand Vibrator' which has been approved by Good House Keeping. It is an amazing wand for singles and couples and can be used solo, shared together or even as a massager. It is easy to use with its simple to use wheel which operates a wide range of vibrations. 

 Since its mains powered you don't need to worry about batteries going out and the wire is really long too so it is versatile. 

7.  Read books together - This can be so much fun! Now as much as I love reading books on my own its just as much fun reading together. It is so simple ... choose a book you both want to read, cuddle up on the sofa and take turns reading a paragraph at a time. It's really nice. 

We are currently reading 'Jackie Collins - Deadly Embrace' As I am sure many of my followers will know I am a big fan of her books. 

8. Take a bath - Baths are one of my favourite things to do to relax but they can be as nice shared with a partner. I love many different products but my favourite bath products to use has to be Lush bath bombs and my stand out product at the moment has to be 'Monsters Ball' it smells lovely and makes the bath a beautiful deep purple.

9. Create a list of places/countries you want to visit - I haven't been abroad in years but planning them is lots of fun. They are many romantic places to visit all over the world and even fabulous places in the UK. We would really love to go to Las Vegas, Iceland and Paris together.

10. Listen to music - No matter the categories... no need for romantic music .. just music you both love listening too. You can cuddle up together and listen or even have a bit of fun and have a sing along and a dance together. My favourite music to listen too together has to be Enrique Iglesias and Disco music.

What ideas do you have for at home date ideas? 

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*Product/s sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Yes To Tomatoes - The perfect skincare for combination skin?

Hi everyone! 🌙

Skincare for me can be a tricky subject because my skin being combination sometimes reacts badly with certain skincare products. As much as I love trying different skincare products and brands I am always a bit dubious because the last thing I want is a breakout or a reaction because my skin can be quite sensitive at times especially during the autumn and winter months.

Yes To is a fabulous skincare brand that has a variety of skincare products including cucumbers; for sensitive skin, Coconut for dry skin and not forgetting Tomatoes which is for what my skin needs - combination and blemish prone skin. Yes To is a cruelty-free brand and many of the products they sell are also vegan-friendly too. 
yes to tomatoes the perfect skincare for combination skin
I was kindly sent these products to try and I am very thankful because I used many of them every day now and lots of them have become firm favourites of mine as I will explain further along in the blog post. All of the products are at least 95% natural and conation charcoal and tomatoes.

Since my skin needed some TLC when I first got these products I first tried out the 2 step nose kit: buh-bye clogged pores! and the blemish fighting paper mask. The nose kit did work to an extent on my nose but it wasn't a miracle cure as my nose pores are quite clogged and need more than a one-off product to sort them. The paper mask was rather nice and did leave my face softer.

Now I usually use my Garnier micellar water but I was super excited to try the blemish fighting micellar cleansing water.  I was lost how to use this as I thought it was a pump action bottle but for the life of me it wouldn't work and it had me scratching my head until I realised the lid opened so you can put cotton pads on top of the bottle and press the pump to put the micellar water on the pad, I did feel silly after that for sure hahaha. The micellar water smells so nice and removes makeup just as well as the Garnier micellar water and leaves skin feeling smooth and makeup-free afterwards. After using it for a while with the blemish clearing wipes my skin felt much smoother and also more blemish free too.

My favourite everyday use products in the bunch have to be the Daily Balancing moisturiser which is perfect for everyday use as it balances and hydrates the skin. It is rich in antioxidants which helps absorb oils and sebum. But before I use that...first I use a generous amount of Daily repair treatment which is fast absorbing and gentle on the skin. It works with salicylic acid which penetrates the pores. I have noticed after using these both together every morning for the past month that my skin is smoother and evener.

So what's in the Yes To Tomatoes range?
yes to tomatoes
  • Blemish fighting paper mask (RRP £2.99) - This single-use sheet mask is 96% natural and contains tomato and salicylic acid which helps control pimples and blackheads. 
  • Blemish fighting micellar cleansing water (RRP £6.99) - Removes makeup, cleanses and fights blemishes all in one! 95% natural.
  • Detoxifying charcoal warming facial scrub (RRP £7.99) -  This is 99% natural and warms up upon contact with skin, it helps draw out pore-clogging dirt and impurities for a naturally clearer skin. 
  • Blemish fighting zit zapping dots (RRP £7.99) - 95% natural and helps get rid of zits overnight. 
  • 2-step nose kit: Buh-Bye clogged pores! (RRP £4.99) - A 2 step nose kit that helps detox the skin and unclog pores on the nose. 95% natural.
  • Detoxifying Charcoal Sleeping Mask (RRP £2.99) - A single-use mask that you sleep in. It helps smooth the skin and keep away blemishes. No need to worry about it transferring on pillows either!
  • Daily repair treatment (RRP £11.99) - My favourite product in the bunch! I use this every morning with the moisturiser. It contains salicylic acid which helps clear blemishes and gives skin a chance to heal. It also contains bisabolol and ginger which helps control redness caused by acne prone skin. The icing on the cake is that it contains witch hazel which helps control oil and sebum production. 
  • Daily balancing moisturiser (RRP £11.99) - Works wonderfully with the daily repair treatment. It is rich in antioxidants and sebum absorbers, it moisturises while it balances the skin giving a more even complexion. It is 97% natural. 
  • Blemish clearing facial wipes (RRP £3.99) - I really wish I found out about these during the summer! These are great for a quick and effective way of clearing skin. 

  • Detoxifying Charcoal mud mask (RRP £11.99) - This mud mask helps draw out impurities while treating and preventing blemishes. It has a rich and creamy formula which smells amazing, it is very relaxing and almost spa like! 96% natural.
  •  2 in 1 scrub & cleanser stick (RRP £9.99) - This cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. The stick is very convenient so its travel-friendly for use on the go. 95% natural.
  • Detoxifying charcoal mud mask (RRP £2.99) - a 96% natural mask that is a nice little luxury for the skin. It is great for relaxing with while it removes impurities in the skin.

Overall I just think this range of products for combination skin is just amazing! My skin is clearer and none of the products broke out my skin or made my skin react badly. I have used everything in the range and I love having pampers with the facial masks and as I said above I just love the daily repair treatment combined with the moisturizer. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for skincare for combination skin. Many of the product in the range is suitable every skin type and they also offer other products such as products for dry skin and also for sensitive skin. 

Want to know more about Yes To Tomatoes range? Check out their website below.

Have you tried Yes To products before?

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*Product/s sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own*

Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Feather & Down

Hi everyone! 🌙

Getting a good nights sleep for me is something that is a bit of a hit and miss subject. Some days I can sleep in a few moments and other nights il be awake till 3-4am unable to sleep tossing and turning. I was super happy to get these amazing products from Feather and Down and I can honestly say I am so excited to tell you all about them. 

Feather and Down make a variety of products to help you get a better night to sleep including; balms, shower gel and pillow spray. As you can see by the photos I got a variety of their products and each product has been thoroughly tested this past month. 
does feather and down help you sleep?
Each product has a blend of essential oils including calming lavender and chamomile. The blend of ingredients encourages calm, tranquillity and restful nights sleep. 

Sleep Fact: Lavender increases the type of brain waves that are associated with relaxation. 

The feather & down pillow spray is really nice, basically, you spray a generous amount on your pillow before you go to bed - I put about 3 sprays on my pillow. The blend of essential oils on the pillow is very relaxing and I found even when I have a cold it helped me breath easier and get a better nights sleep.

Before I do any of that I either have a shower with the sweet dreams shower melting cream or my personal favourite by having a bath in the sweet dreams bath essence. Now both are amazing but for me having a nice warm bath before bed is so much more relaxing. I simply put this in my bath when the hot and cold taps are running and as soon as the bath essence hits the water you can smell the aroma of the lavender, chamomile and the essential oils. It also creates so many lovely bubbles and the water feels silky with this, its relaxation heaven!
feather and down in boots
The all-purpose sleep balm is used on the pulse points and intertwined with the other products are meant to help you relax. For me personally I like to use this when I am full of cold or ill as it helps me relax more and also helps me breathe easier too, honestly you need to smell the balm, it smells so nice and perfect for relaxation. 

I usually use either my Lush Sleepy body lotion before bed as just like sweet dreams sleep body butter it contains lavender. The body butter like the rest of the products smells like the other products and it is very thick and creamy and melts onto the skin. Now I can't say I will be replacing Lush sleepy but I do like to alternate between the products and it works well for me.

getting a good nights sleep with feather and down
Overall I cannot complain at all about the Feather & Down range! I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt in my mind that it actually helped me get a better nights sleep and not just that, also a relaxing and peaceful nights sleep.

Essential oil fact: Chamomile has been used for centuries for helping to relieve stress and anxiety!

Now I must say it is not a miracle cure-all for sleep as other factors help to get a good night to sleep like avoiding caffeine before bed and unwinding without technology before bed. It does help to relax and in turn, it helps to get a better nights sleep and I couldn't recommend it enough and I would 100% buy these again, they are truly wonderful.

These products are all available online on the feather and down website or instore and online at Boots! Products price range between £1.95 to £15.

Want to know more about Feather & Down? Check out therewebsite below

Have you tried Feather and Down before?

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*Product/s sent for review, all opinions are 100% my own*

September | Empties

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Surprisingly it's the first time I have ever done a blog post on my beauty empties as I usually just throw empties away into the recycling before I have the chance to write about them. I was pretty lucky in a sense that by the end of last month I finished off a fair few products at the same time and with that thought, I thought to my self why not do a Septembers empties post to share my thoughts on products I have just finished using.

I know they don't seem like a lot of empties this month but next time I do this post ( fingers crossed) I will have a few more empties and more of a post to write about. Last months products are a variety of things really but mostly makeup and products that I finished quite quickly lol. 
september empties
1. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Celebrity Skin 
This was the first product I ever got from the Jeffree star cosmetics range and it sure didn't disappoint. My mum bought me this as a Christmas present as she said I would suit it and my goodness she was so right - Celebrity Skin is a matte soft brown nude and I can honestly see why it is so popular. Its a lovely nude and it lasts pretty much all day.

Would I repurchase? Definitely! My favourite nude lipstick yet!

I have to save this has been the best concealer I have ever used! It comes in 25 shades, yes you read correctly 25! and it comes in 2 sizes now. I wish this bottle was bigger because 4ml is definatyl not enough and this ran out far too quickly, I will be purchasing the larger one next time that's for sure. 

Would I repurchase? Hell yeah! It's amazing! 

3. Nivea Deodorant Spray 
Now I don't usually use sprays as I much prefer a roll on deodorant as I think they last longer. I didn't use this spray, my partner used it and he liked it. When I got round to using it, it was empty lol!

Would I repurchase? No. 

4. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara 
It has been ages since I last tried a premium priced mascara as I usually just used the drugstore mascaras as they work just as good. I know this mascara is only travelling size but honestly, I can't see myself buying again because it is so expensive and when drugstore mascaras work just as well I don't see the need, to be honest. 

Would I repurchase? No. 
september empties
5. Bourjouis Healthy Mix Foundation  
One of the best drugstore foundations out there! It gives amazing coverage and it is long lasting. I do wish they would tone it down with the fragrance though, it's a little bit overpowering. I can see why its a favourite but I am definitely looking for alternatives out there.

Would I repurchase? Maybe. It works so well but the fragrance...OMG.

6. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
One of the best eyeliners I have used to date! It's so easy to use as it's like a finer tipped felt tip pen. It is very pigmented and easy to create a look you want. I only had the travel size to try and as you can tell I am very happy with it.

Would I repurchase? 1000% YES! It's fab

7. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Out of all the micellar waters, I have tried this one has to be my all time favourite! It removes makeup with ease, even eyeliner and liquid lipsticks. Depending on what size bottle you get - the 300m lasts at least 2-3months depending on how much you need.

Would I repurchase? Possibly, it's wonderful.

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