Saturday 24 October 2020

My Wig Collection + Try-On

wig collection
Hello everyone!

Wigs are something I have been wearing for over 3 years now and I thought it was about time I made a post on my collection of wigs so far. Your all probably wondering why I wear wigs and why id makes this post, well the simple answer is I enjoy wearing them as they are easy to wear, style and change a look.

Anyways a little background on my wig collection is that they are all under £50. I would get more expensive one day maybe but at the moment I'm happy with budget wigs. 

wigs from Amazon, LullaBellz, Lush Wigs and Annabelle wigs
I first started noticing wigs a fair few years ago when I noticed many famous people wearing them and the icing on the cake that made me choose to wear them was watching Ru Pauls Drag Race. Drag race made me take the step into wearing wigs as they can change a look effortlessly. 

Where are your wigs from?

This is where my most recent lace front wig is from. It is an ombre blonde wig and I love how natural this wig looks and feels. Out of my collection, this is the most expensive. The wig I got from here also has a handy storage bag so its easy to keep it looking its best.

Lush Wigs
The place where I bought my first wigs from! Love this online shop as it has so much variety to choose from. They have great quality wigs including lace front wigs. I look forward to getting more from here. I have had 3 wigs from here including an icy blonde, milk tea, grunge and cherry gloss. 

My mum bought two wigs from here randomly when we decided to have a glam makeup day. She chose randomly at what she thought would suit us both best and I have to say she has good taste, I can see where I get it from LOL. I also bought a random lace front wig on here too as I love having red long hair.

Annabelle Wigs
I was looking for retro style wigs and this site is where I found lots of different styles. So far I have two wigs from here which I love; they keep their style so well!

Hot Hair
I got sent these a couple of years ago and I love them! They are quite quirky and I wear them whenever I want to look extra glam. This site also sells other things like hair extensions and things like that. 

Check out my latest video below of me trying on all my wigs in my collection.
I hope you all enjoyed this post about my wig collection. I've been meaning to do a post like this for ages so I'm glad I've started since i love wearing wigs.

I might do more posts in the future about wearing wigs, styling and looking after them but il see how well this post and youtube video go.

Who else likes wearing wigs?
Mel x

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  1. Great collection! They all look amazing on you! I'm a little jealous. 😊

  2. WOWOW what a collection! I love the wigs that are just so extra - it's like having an alter ego!


  3. Wearing wigs isn't something I've ever done but you look amazing in them and it's so good that you can easily change up your style. I love that Drag Race inspired you to start wearing wigs too!

  4. Omg the red wig is absolute fire!! I’ve never worn a wig but always intrigued by them! I do wear LullaBellz extensions though which are amazing!