Wednesday 6 June 2018

OOTD: Embracing my Curves

Hi Darlings!
I hope you are all having an amazing week so far. I have so far decided the outfits me and my kids are going to be wearing next month for a family wedding, I have chosen to wear a red .dress off chichi and I've found ted baker dresses for the girls and for my son some shorts and a shirt. I have also applied for some college courses so wish me luck lovelies. 

Anyways I used to be a bit dubious when it comes outfits as I was unsure if I would suit certain clothes as I have unkind remarks in the past put me off but you know something? in the past few months, I've got past caring what people think of my outfits, as long as I'm happy il wear it, I'm going to embrace my curves. 

embracing my curves
When it comes to clothes in the past, I used to only wear joggers and leggings with something simple as I didn't really broaden my mind for more fashion and I've had comments in past saying my legs don't look good bare which was upsetting but now I realise when I wore that outfit in the past I felt amazing and looking back at myself I think I look nice and sometimes I think some people like to be mean for no reason at all. 

Top: Primark ( old)
Pants: Primark ( last season )
Flower headband ( still at George ASDA )
Toms shoes ( from gumtree but can be found at shoe ) 
embracing my curves

I am definitely going to try different types of clothes in the future including skirts, shorts and even crop tops so keep an eye on the future posts. I know it may sound silly to some but posting this fashion post boosted my confidence so much, 

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Do you like shopping in Primark? 

Mel x

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  1. I bought my prom dress from ChiChi it was beautiful and I got so many compliments☺️ Also I love Primark, although I find their sizing to be very hit and miss some things are tiny and I have to size up 3-4 sizes to fit it and then other item I have to size down because they’re so oversized����‍♀️